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This is a video that must be seen. The message: The enemy is Islam, not radical Islam. As the president of Turkey Erdogan says, There is only Islam. No moderate Islam, no radical Islam. "Islam is Islam."



For decades now in the 56 Muslim majority countries (represented by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)) and elsewhere many, many Muslims have been taught the Saudi belief that the 7th Century Islam preached and practiced by Mohammad, the perfect man, is the "true" Islam. Whatever variance, softening or relaxing of "true" Islam over the centuries is to be discarded. Islam, therefore, is not only a proselytizing faith, it is one that uses force and violence to achieve its end, world domination and conversion of all peoples to Islam.

Currently, the Saudi way (Wahhabism or Salafism) is ascendant in the world and the result is increasing conflicts, wars and deaths. ISIS and Boko Haram (now the Islamic State in Western Africa) are sterling examples of Mohammad's Islam justifying horrible acts if they serve to advance Islam. If Mohammad did it, ISIS can do it and ISIS is doing it. Beheading infidels, setting enemies on fire, conquering and ruling by terror, destroying evidence of non-Islamic history, seizing the wealth of non-Muslims, enforcing the Islamic way of life (Sharia), treating women as chattel and infidels as lower class beings. Of particular note today with the Muslim invasion of Europe ongoing is the Islamic plan of conquest of other lands -- mass immigration, non-assimilation and outbreeding the natives. For believing Islamists (Islamic supremacists), Muslim already ensconced in non-Muslim countries, they are encouraged to infiltrate positions of power and influence in governments, the media and education to advance Islam.

Five times a day Muslims are supposed to pray to Allah and five times a day they are ordered to say in their prayers: "Guide us to the Straight Way. The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians)."

So five times a day each praying Muslim ingrains in his subconscious that Allah hates the Jews and views Christians as heretics or apostates. (Islam assumes everyone, including Adam and Eve, was born a Muslim.)

Estimates vary as to the number of Muslims in the world, but the number is likely to be between 1.2 and 1.6 billion. That's 20% to 25% of the world's population. Because Muslim men can have up to four wives and Muslim wives' main duty is breeding, the Muslim population is growing faster than all other populations.

Now if Muslims are taught that Jews and Christians have angered or abandoned Allah and are to be shunned or worse, for all those who are not Jews or Christians, the price of staying alive is to convert to Islam. Otherwise, death - Hindus, Buddhists, other religionists, atheists.

There are Muslims who are trying to divorce Islam from the anger and violence of Mohammad while preserving the worship of one god but recognizing equality of all humans before that god and their rights to believe as they wish.

One such Muslim is the Canadian 􀀃Raheel Raza. In this video she lays out the statistics and the challenge. It's a great education in 15 minutes.

Recently several prominent Muslims who stand against the violence and hatred of Islam and seek reform announced the formation of the Muslim Reform Movement. They are to be commended and hopefully listened to by the hundreds of millions of Muslims indoctrinated from birth to hate all non-Muslim peoples of the world.

An American Muslim seeking to counter the messages of violence, hatred and jihad of ISIS and other such jihadist organisations is Farah Pandith, born in Kashmir, India. She emigrated to the United States with her mother, a physician, when she was one year old, settling in the Boston area. She attended and excelled at Milton Academy, Smith College (where she was class president) and the Fletcher School of Diplomacy at Tufts. She worked in Massachusetts state government, the private sector (ML Strategies, the government relations arm of the Boston-headquartered law firm of Mintz Levin) and in the George W. Bush and Obama administrations as the first U.S. representative to Muslim communities of the world operating out of the State Department. In that capacity she talked with and spoke to thousands of Muslim women and young people about American values and how Muslims can prosper in such an environment and how they too should strive for equal rights for women and all others in their own countries. What she found among almost all Muslim youth was a confusion of identity: How could they be good Muslims and good citizens of their countries when Islam taught only Sharia was to be obeyed?

Farah Pandith 2015 - 47 yrs.jpg

Farah is now affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Kennedy School at Harvard. She has recently proposed the development of a social media information offensive by young Americans to counter the calls to jihad broadcast daily over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online outlets. The Boston Globe carried her proposal on December 16, 2015. Farah also published in the New York Times a piece blaming Saudi Arabia for the rise of violent Islam by teaching Wahabbism or Salafism (back to the 7th Century of Muhammad for true Islam) throughout the world.

Ex-Muslim Ayaan HIrsi Ali has her own proposals for Muslim reform, which we have featured on this site.




Republicans in Congress are cooperating with Obama in bringing in foreign workers to replace American workers desperate for work. American workers are being betrayed by the President and a Republican-controlled Congress. It doesn't matter with the voters want. No wonder, Senator Jeff Sessions says, that voters are in open rebellion.

The elites of both parties led by Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator McConnell are ignoring the interests of American workers. With the worst labor force participation rate in decades, Congress passed a bill at 2 a.m, the morning of December16th that made things worse.




Freshman U.S. Senator Ben Sasse is a remarkable man. No doubt out of frustration with the equivocations constantly issuing from President Obama about Islam, he decided to go to the site of the Islamic massacre in San Bernardino to speak clearly to the American people about the war in which we are involved.

The war was started by a man named Mohammad in the 7th Century. He declared that he and his followers would conquer the world in the name of Islam and would use all means available to accomplish that goal. Those include terror and all kinds of violence such as murder, rape, beheading, stealing and lying, deceit and trickery. Many of his followers are taking him at his word -- jihadists -- and today ISIS, Boko Haram and other units of Mohammad's army are utilizing violence to seize territory and eliminate those who do not believe that Allah is god and that Mohammad is the messenger of God.

Those who are jihadists or support what those jihadists do are growing in number in the Muslim world, thanks to decades of indoctrination by Saudi money that true Islam is only that as preached and practiced by Mohammad in the 7th Century.

However, there are Mohammad's followers who believe that violence in the long run is counterproductive and instead adopt non-violent means to advance the cause of world conquest. These "stealth jihadists" are strategic, utilizing propaganda, lies, deceit, deception and infiltration of countries by immigration of non-assimilating Muslims and infiltration of governments and positions of influence by believers in Islamic world conquest. It is troubling that those who seem to be "stealth jihadists" nonetheless teach that Mohammad is the perfect man. For example, an imam by the name of Suhaib Webb (who was for a period of time an imam at the Islamic Society of Boston, a known terrorist hotspot for many years) who now works with young people in the Washington, D.C. area, described Mohammad recently in a teaching session as "the best one ever to have lived." (Source: <"">Link since taken down.)

Finally, there are those Muslims, hopefully the vast majority, who simply worship one god they call Allah and seek to lead good lives and abide by the laws of the lands in which they live, ignoring the commands of the Koran and of Mohammad to conquer and kill and lie in the name of Islam.

The nagging problem many people have is distinguishing one from the others since lying to nonbelievers is acceptable, according to Mohammad.



With billions of people in the world unhappy with their economic lot, it is impossible to think that the U.S. can help them all by allowing them to immigrate to the U.S.

The best economically successful nations can do is help them in the home countries to improve their own economies.

The biggest obstacle to doing so in majority Muslim countries is Islam itself. Practicing Sharia, the Islamic way of life, almost guarantees that no successful economy can be built.

That is because the purpose of Islam is to wage war, not provide decent lives for its people. Islam raises soldiers, not productive citizens. The ethic of Islam is to subdue others and take all or part of what they earn to support the soldiers and their families. When soldiers aren't fighting, they're resting. Rich Muslim countries, those with oil, staff their oil operations mostly with non-Muslims, since it's beneath the dignity of Muslims to engage in hard work. Yes, that's changing somewhat, as western influences seep in.

Anyway, here is a graphic presentation of the impossibility of the U.S. solving the economic woes of the world through immigration into America.



The Clarion Project has identified over 80 radical mosques in the U.S. that by any rational standard should be shut down or completely reformed.

One of them is in Boston, the Islamic Center of Boston in Cambridge and its cultural center in Roxbury. A succession of radical imams has gone through the Islamic Center and radical Islamic killers, including the Boston Marathon brothers, have attended the Center.

The Center was founded with Saudi money and has taught Saudi Wahhabism from its inception. One of its co-founders was Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Islam's world leading thinker and strategist for accomplishing the conquest of the world by Islam. (From 1998-2000, Qaradawi was a board of directors member with the Islamic Society of Boston, whose founder and first president was Abdurahman Alamoudi -- an avid supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, now incarcerated on terrorism-related charges.)

Unfortunately, the local political leadership in Boston has failed to recognize the evil that has been spread for many years by the mosque and its cultural center and not only tolerated it, but provided the land at a bargain price on which the Roxbury cultural center is built. Today the Cambridge mosque and Roxbury cultural center are under the control of the Muslim American Society, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born a Muslim in Somalia. Today, an ex-Muslim, she lives in Massachusetts and is affiliated with Harvard and the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. Her life story to date is incredible, but she has much yet to do. She has a mission.

She is fighting to wake up the world, including the political leadership in the United States still in denial, be it willful or out of ignorance, to the immediate necessity of terminating the promotion of radical Islam -- Wahhabism -- that is still taking place in Europe and the U.S. TODAY, funded by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf State allies.

Most of the mosques in the U.S., not just the 80 noted above, are funded and staffed by Saudi-trained imams teaching radical Islam - Wahhabism, the same brand of Islam taught and followed by the Saudis in Saudi Arabia and by the Muslim Brotherhood. (The only difference between the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood is that the Brotherhood wants the corrupt Saudis replaced as the guardians of the "holy" places of Islam.)

Both teach the Islam as practiced by its founder Mohammad in the 7th Century and both are responsible for the revival of Islamic supremacism, the Islam that will kill and make war to conquer the world. ISIS and Boko Haram are practicing what the Saudis and their imams around the world have been teaching for decades now, funded by the oil money provided by the West. The Saudis have to be called to account and their indoctrination of hundreds of millions of Muslims with Wahhabism stopped.

Ayaan was interviewed on CNN after the Paris massacre. Her presentation of the challenge and of what needs to be done is compelling.

Ayaan has written several books about Islam and her experiences, all of which are worth reading. Her most recent book, Heretic, lays out her five point plan for reforming Islam. It can be found in almost all bookstores and at Amazon. She has established a foundation to help Muslim women who are suffering and have suffered under Islam, the AHA Foundation. She is working now with the Massachusetts legislature to pass a law -- now House Bill 1530 -- making female genital mutilation a crime, which both State Representatives Sarah Peake of Provincetown and Tim Whelan of Brewster are supporting.



This is an extraordinary creation by a 13-year old Irish boy Declan Galbraith.

An Irish boy who is unbelievable. Put on your speakers.This 13 year old boy wrote the lyrics and composed this world...

Posted by Dino Constantinou on Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The greatest threat to the world today is Islam.

It currently is an urgent large and growing threat to Europe because of the tidal wave of uninvited immigrants from Muslim lands who have been indoctrinated in Islam from birth. Now, hundreds of thousands. It could be millions if Europe does not put barriers in place and say enough. How many terrorists are among them?

Western European nations are already experiencing grave problems with their existing Muslim populations, which have in large part proven to be totally incompatible with the existing Judeo-Christian and humanist cultures of the West. It is not too late to halt the islamization of Europe, but it is late in the day. The threat to our freedoms must be recognized and the lines of battle must be drawn now.

The same kind of Islamic invasion is planned for the U.S., but it is proceeding more slowly because of the oceans that separate us from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Make no mistake: Already Islamic supremacists have established beachheads in our federal government as did the communists prior to WWII. Islamic organizations such as mosques, cultural centers and propaganda units such as CAIR established and funded by Saudi Arabia are already chipping away at the fabric of America. As revealed in a recently discovered Muslim Brotherhood document, the plan is to subvert the U.S. from within so that one day Sharia will rule over the Constitution. So the need to take action now is just as urgent as it is for Europe.

Sweden has been the most welcoming country for Muslims coming from North Africa and the Middle East. Malmo is the city which has the greatest concentration of Muslims in Sweden. It is now the epicenter of violent crime in the country.

Rapes have exploded, no Swedish woman is safe on the streets, the elderly are attacked and robbed, riots and arson are commonplace. Muslims are expressing their superiority over the infidels and demanding more and more. Few work, welfare is the income of the overwhelming majority, who consider it tribute due from infidels to their superiors, the followers of Mohammad.

Sweden is being hard hit by the current invasion, since Sweden and Germany are the preferred destination because of their generous welfare systems. Even the left-wing leaders of Sweden are warning that Sweden is headed for collapse: Its resources are being stretched and its ability to maintain public order is imperiled. As Muslim crime and terrorizing grows, the natives are becoming more and more angry, as evidenced by the recent backlash killings in Trollhattan, where a heavy Muslim presence has led to fear of threats, robbery and violence among the native population.

The most consistent articulate voice in Europe warning of the danger of Islam is Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, In this 2014 video Wilders is speaking in Malmo at the invitation of the Free Speech Society. He spells out without equivocation the nature of Islam and of its inventor Mohammad and the threat Islam poses to our freedoms. He laid out five principles to preserve the culture of Sweden and other European countries and halt the islamization of Europe:

1. Defend freedom of speech. He urged adoption of a law or constitutional provision similar to the American First Amendment.
2. Put an end to the ideal of cultural relativism. All cultures are not equal. The Judeo-Christian and humanist culture of the West is far superior to the barbaric culture of Islamic lands.
3. Stop Islamic immigration. No more mosques should be built. Shut down Islamic schools. Require assimilation. Deport Muslim criminals.
4. Restore the primacy of the nation state over the bureaucracy of the European Union.
5. Support Israel, which is on the front lines of the fight against Islamic supremacy.

All but #4 make sense for the U.S. as well.

The video is 45 minutes in length. It's well worth the time.



Understanding the threat of radical Islam or "Islamism" can be accomplished in less than five minutes by watching this video.

Radical Islam is the Islam of its founder Muhammad. The Islam that Muhammad practiced and taught in the 7th Century is exactly what groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram and al-Shabaab are part of today. Islam is war to take over the world piece by piece and to make all people live by the rules of living developed by Muhammad -- Sharia, often called Islamic law. But Sharia is much more than a legal system, it affects every aspect of life. The warriors of ISIS are seeking to impose Sharia on everyone they conquer. When the entire world has been conquered by Islam, there will be peace and the end times will begin.

Right now the invasion of Europe by young Muslims is in full swing. And Europe is letting them in! Providing ships and boats even.

Thumbnail image for islam shipload.jpg

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you....



Carly Fiorina shone in the Fox News debate of the seven Republican candidates with low poll numbers.

She's ready for prime time.



Lots of people are upset that President Obama seems more concerned about the feelings of Muslims than the safety of our American military men and women. It is preposterous that he never utters the phrase "radical Islam" in obvious cases or terrorism.

One conservative news anchor has had enough. Tomi Lahren tells President Obama to shape up in no uncertain terms.

Click on the logo YouTube in lower right corner, then click on the picture for full screen. Hit Escape to return to small view.



Condoleezza Rice teamed up to perform "Amazing Grace" to benefit Wounded Warriors, an incredibly deserving charity. To donate to Wounded Warriors, look in our right hand column for "Links."

It's people like this who make America great.



Ever hear the first rendition of "God Bless America"? Here it is by Kate Smith.



Honor our Grand Old Flag" on today, Flag Day, June 14th.



Hillary had the third launch of her campaign yesterday and Marco Rubio was all over it.



There is only one business leader currently contending for the Republican nomination for President and that is Carly Fiorina. (Donald Trump may get in the hunt.)

Recently, Ms. Fiorina took the "Center Seat" on the Fox News show Special Report with Bret Baier. The show is interviewing each of the Republican candidates and this week Ms. Fiorina had her chance to shine. And shine she did. (The video is about 17 minutes.)

Very impressive.



Project Veritas is a valuable service exposing the terrible things that are being done by government agencies and other organizations that should be stopped. That only will happen with public expose and that's what Project Veritas does -- expose.

In this 10-minute video clip Project Veritas shows how the VA is failing the veterans it is supposed to care for. VA created drug addiction led to the suicide of this 28-year old veteran.

Project Veritas is doing work no one else is doing and it is doing it effectively. To make a tax-deductible contribution, go to its website



If there is one Republican candidate who is cutting through the fog and exposing Hillary Clinton's record of failure brilliantly, it's Carly Fiorina.



Two Americans of Indian descent won this year's National Spelling Bee contest.

They are both in the eighth grade, one in Kansas, one in Missouri. She acts in plays and plays the tuba and the piano. He plays basketball. She's thinking of becoming a cardiac surgeon. He intends to become a businessman.



Some former Somalis in Minneapolis were interviewed on Islamic law and where they wished to live.

Most wished they were back in Somalia and all (but one?) wanted to live under Sharia, Islamic law, rather than the laws of the United States.



The winner of the free speech Draw Mohammad contest in Garland, Texas Bosch Fawstin was born a Muslim, but left it because of Islam's teachings of hate.

In accepting his award he made a few comments about growing up in a "moderate Muslim" household that are worth thinking about. It isn't just the jihad against those who do not follow Mohammad that Islam inspires and commands that's a problem. It's the poison that infects attitudes even in the homes of moderate Muslins. Listen:

Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly clashed on the air on whether the contest should have been held at all. O'Reilly said it was "common sense" that some Muslims might mount a violent attack and it would be best to lay off. Kelly argued that O'Reilly was allowing Muslins to define the limits of the First Amendment. Kelly is right.



Many of us are aware of the flood of mostly Muslim immigrants who daily are trying to get into Europe illegally by reports in the news of boatloads "rescued" off Italy or Libya, or overloaded boats capsizing and many drowning.

In almost all cases they are fleeing from Muslim countries which are economic basket cases and riddled with corruption, crime and civil strife.

European citizens are saying "Enough," but the boatloads keep coming and the UN and the Eurocrats say they must be rescued and brought into Europe for humanitarian reasons. Try to take the boats back to Libya and whoever is in charge of that port in Libya won't let them land. Most of the migrants have destroyed their papers so they can't be linked to their home countries and sent back if they make it into Europe.

This invasion of Europe by Muslims began way back in the 1970s as a harebrained scheme of Eurocrats to get temporary young workers for their booming economies. They came, but had little interest in doing work and no interest in going home.

Economies in Europe are no longer booming and the European Muslim population is estimated to be 50 million of which 80% are enjoying welfare without work This is a huge burden on European taxpayers.

And, as we have learned, the Muslims came to Europe not to integrate, not to assimilate, not to become British or French or German, but to live separately in their own neighborhoods just as they did in their former countries. This is all part of the grand plan of Islam to conquer Europe without firing a shot.

France now has over 700 so-called "no go zones" which are in effect controlled by the Muslim inhabitants where non-Muslims are not welcome and may be in peril. Steadily, Muslims are gaining influence and power as their numbers increase. The violence which is part of Islam back home asserts itself in these European locales. Attacks on Jews have become routine in many European cities. Rape is exploding. Fear is growing as Islam flexes its muscles. The police look the other way as young "infidel" girls are sexually exploited by Muslim sex rings.

The Muslim invasion of the United States has been going on for years, but is not as well known. Ever wonder why there is a large Somali community in Lewiston, Maine? A federal resettlement program fed by a UN refugee division under Islamic control sends Muslims to America and the federal government decides where to put them down.

Watch this video and get the story As the speaker says, there are other federal programs feeding Muslims -- without any screening whatsoever -- into our country. The U.S. is in line to get hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria, most of whom, you can bet, will not be persecuted Christians. Muslims are Obama's priority.

Islam through its leaders is waging war with us and we are not defending ourselves or fighting back.

The grand architect of the invasion plan for Europe is still alive, still directing the plan of conquest. Currently, he is building a worldwide organization to continue his master plan of world conquest when he is gone.

The master, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, staked out some initial destinations in the U.S. for Muslims to emigrate to. Boston was one such destination. He created the Islamic Society of Boston with Saudi money and Wahhabi supremacist doctrine, which now has mosques in Cambridge and Roxbury.

Jihadists have come through the Cambridge and Boston mosques through the years, most recently the Tsarnaev brothers; the man in charge of ISIS social media and video, Northeastern graduate Ahmad Abousamra; and the imam said to have counseled the Muslim in Memphis who beheaded his co-worker for refusing to convert to Islam Suhaib Webb (who has now moved on to the DC area).



Well, the liberal press from the New York Times on down seem to think that the cartoonists and those others attending the free speech Mohammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas would have gotten what they deserved if the two shooters had been successful in slaughtering them all.

The First Amendment is to ensure free speech, especially free speech that some might consider insulting or offensive. Sometimes outrageous speech is essential to wake people up to threats they don't see or don't want to see.

It is as if government and too many opinion leaders in the West are in a trance when it comes to Islam. Most know by now that Islam is not a "Religion of Peace" -- or do they?

Three examples: Following the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, the president of France said it had nothing to do with Islam. Huh?

When the British soldier Rigby was attacked by two Muslims and killed and nearly decapitated on the streets of London as they shouted "Allahu Akbar," the Prime Minister assured the public it had nothing to do with Islam.

With the British election coming May 7th, the leader of the Labor Party has announced that if he becomes prime minister he will make "Islamophobia" a crime. In other words, any criticism or fear of Islam that is expressed will be considered an irrational statement and punished by British law. Madness.

These are three examples of delusion or deliberate lies driven by denial or fear. They do a disservice to the people of France and Britain.

What is the real situation, what is the truth that is being hidden?

Non-Muslims are the targets in a war being waged by Islam for almost 1400 years now. Islamic leaders know that they are waging war. They say so. "Death to America" is a hint.

Most non-Muslims don't want to believe what American presidents as far back as Jefferson and John Quincy Adams (and Winston Churchill) understood about Islam.

Every constitutional means available needs to be used to wake people up, shock people, into seeing the brutal reality staring them in the face.

That's what the Mohammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas was about. As the media and our government continue to deny the existence of this endless war of Islam’s true believers to gain territory and adherents and subjugate to Sharia or kill the rest, it falls to a few brave souls to sound the alarm on behalf of civilization.

We can hope and pray that Islam will reform, but there is no indication from its leaders whether in Tehran or Riyadh and elsewhere that their goal of world domination through violence and whatever other means work, such as lies, deceit, terrorism, intimidation, invasion by immigration and government infiltration, is being abandoned.

Islam's true believers, jihadists, who are persecuting and killing Christians and other non-Muslims are doing exactly what the Koran commands and Mohammad said and did, What are they doing that Mohammad didn't do? They are perverting nothing. They are true to Mohammad of the 7th Century using 21st Century tools largely invented by the non-believers to carry on jihad. They can find justification for their actions in their holy writs. Yet the Cape Cod Times in an editorial on May 5, 2015 wrongly referred to ISIS' "twisted and distorted view of Islam." Jihad is grounded in the ideology of Islam.

Islam is currently in one of its strongest phases of its history right now, rich in numbers of true believers and supporters and oil wealth, and capitalizing on the incredible blindness, willful denial and lack of resistance being shown by the leaders of the so-called free world.

Outspoken realists risking their lives to wake citizens of the western world from their dangerous slumber include the incredibly brave ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders, to name just a few of the most prominent of a small brave handful. May their numbers increase. These courageous voices are regularly dismissed and vilified by the mainstream media and the leftists of the world, champion denialists of the Islamic threat if not in league with it.

What is the greatest threat to America and our way of life? China, Russia or Islam? One would not be wrong to say "Islam."

By the way, an ex-Muslim won the Mohammad cartoon contest grand prize. No newspaper has yet to publish it. Fear of Islam prevails. Sharia wins over the First Amendment. Should a cartoonist be murdered for this cartoon - or any cartoon?

CNN interviewed Pamela Geller, a principal sponsor of the free speech event in Texas and strongly implied that, because of the risk of murderous violence by Islamic jihadists, the event should not have been held. In other words, accept Islamic Sharia's limits on the First Amendment or be killed. It got quite contentious.

An important distinction that seems lost on the CNN interviewer: Islam is an ideology and not all Muslims follow Islam jihadism as originally conceived and practiced by Mohammad. Of the world's 1.4 billion Muslims it is probable that far, far less than a majority are jihadists. While Turkey's president Endogen insists that "Islam is Islam" and there is no such thing as "moderate Islam," there are indeed "moderate Muslims" who are undoubtedly a majority of all Muslims.

Megyn Kelly on Fox News' Kelly File interviewed the other principal sponsor of the free speech event Robert Spenser.



President Lincoln has just been sworn in for his second term. There was a public reception at the White House to which former slave and well-known abolition activist, lecturer and writer Frederick Douglass invited himself. He had been stopped at the door because he was a negro, but talked his way inside and entered the large reception room filled with people (white people). He had met with the president several times before and had been very active in recruiting blacks to fight for the Union, so Lincoln knew him well.

Here's the scene:

Douglass was born in February (doesn't know the date) 1818 and lived as a slave in Maryland until his early 20s, when he escaped and made his way to New Bedford, Massachusetts, where he got a job working in a boatyard, doing similar work to what he had done for a time in Baltimore.

As a boy he had taught himself to read, something he kept secret, because it was forbidden for slaves to be educated. And he listened.

After arriving in New Bedford, he spoke and wrote so well that many doubted he could ever have been a slave.

It wasn't long before the abolitionists of Boston heard of him and enlisted him in the cause. William Lloyd Garrison as publisher of abolitionist newspaper "The Liberator" since 1830 was in the forefront. Before long Douglass was on the road throughout New England and New York, giving first hand accounts of the sufferings and horrors of slavery.

He became a publisher of an anti-slavery newspaper in his own right after he settled in his new home in Rochester, New York (far enough away from Boston so as not to clash with Garrison and "The Liberator").

His life was devoted to the elimination of slavery and whatever he could do he did, speaking and writing and traveling tirelessly. He was there when the Republican Party was formed with its principal goal being putting an end to slavery. He supported the President and recruited blacks for the war effort.

So it was a long journey indeed for the slavery-born Douglass: to have the President of the United States publicly call him his friend and say there was no one whose opinion he would rather have than his.

Frederick Douglass lived until 1895.

His is an incredible story of courage, self discipline, initiative, incredible hard work and determination. What an example for all young people today.




Senator Ted Cruz announced today (Monday, March 23, 2015) he is running for the Republlcan nomination for President of the United States. .

Watch his outstanding announcement speech.

There will be a big Republican field of excellent candidates. Ted Cruz is first out of the gate.

It's hard to argue with the points he makes -- and he makes them so well.



John Hinderaker of PowerLine blog makes the case for protecting American jobs in any immigration overhaul:

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest held a hearing on the displacement of American workers through the H-1B and related guest worker programs. Among the witnesses was Prof. Hal Salzman of Rutgers. This exchange pretty much says it all, with regard to the fictitious “STEM shortage.”

Q. Prof. Salzman, in an article that appeared in U.S. News and World Report, you wrote, “guest workers currently make up two-thirds of all IT hires.” That’s two-thirds of all information technology hiring in America was done by guest workers. What would happen if the guest worker green card provisions in the Gang of Eight bill, or the SKILLS Act, or I-Squared became law? How would it change things?

Prof. Salzman: Well, it would dramatically increase the number. And we find, based on those estimates, that it would provide enough guest workers to fill 100 percent of the jobs with perhaps 50 percent left in reserve that could then be used to backfill and replace current workers. So the current bills supply more than even what the industry says it needs to fill every new job.

So who would lose those jobs? Right: American citizens. In his prepared testimony, Salzman added:

* The U.S. supply of top performing graduates is large and far exceeds the hiring needs of the STEM industries.

* Future demand for computer science graduates can be met by just half to two-thirds of the current annual supply of U.S. computer science graduates.

* Guestworker supply is large and highly concentrated in the IT industry; it is likely a factor in both stagnant wages and job insecurity.

* The predominant function of IT guestworker visa programs is to facilitate the offshoring of IT work.

* A growing function of the IT guestworker visa programs is to replace American workers for domestic-based projects.

* The number of guestworkers is equal to two-thirds of current entry-level and early-career hiring.

* Current guestworker visa policies for students and new graduates appear to provide incentives to colleges and universities to establish Masters programs that, as their business model, almost exclusively recruit foreign students into lower quality programs that provide easy entry into the U.S. labor market, further expanding the supply of entry-level STEM workers. …

* “Green Cards for Grads” provisions in I-Squared, S. 744 and other bills would provide incentives for colleges and universities to establish or expand current Masters programs as “global services” that offer a green card for the price of a graduate degree, and that are offered primarily or even exclusively for foreign students and directly or indirectly exclude U.S. students.

* In sum, current policies and the proposed changes in high skill guestworker visas and immigration policies that increase the supply of guestworkers are likely to accelerate the already deteriorating labor force conditions and career prospects for STEM graduates and workers.

None of this seems very hard to grasp. All across America, workers have seen their wages decline as jobs grow ever scarcer. This is Obamanomics: Democrat Party cronies get rich, while the middle class withers away.

Jeff Sessions, as always the main spokesman for the aspirations of American workers, said this at today’s hearing:

People aren’t commodities. We compare labor to commodities, but they’re not commodities. They’re human beings. They have families. They have hopes and dreams. They want stability in their lives. They would like to have a good job at a company like the biggest utility in California—California Edison [where hundreds of Americans were laid off and replaced with guest workers]… We have no obligation to yield to the lust of big businesses… Mr. Zuckerberg is worth $27 billion, I guess he is 27 years old, I’m not sure. So he wants more foreign workers. I would like to think he might want to pay his employees more and maybe not have quite so many billions, if he’d like to be helpful, and maybe he could get more local workers.

And here he is on video, with his customary plain-speaking style:

It is undeniable that Congress’s duty is to American workers, not foreign workers, however admirable those individuals may be. The message that Sessions articulated today, as he has repeatedly over the past several years, is devastating. The Democrats cannot stand up against it. If Republicans consistently articulate a populist, pro-American worker message on immigration, they will sweep the 2016 election from the presidency on down to your local county commissioner. And they will be doing the right thing for the people they represent.



This is a video recorded in Sydney, Australia this past September. Clare Lopez from the Center of Security Policy in Washington is winding up a tour of Australia during which she laid out for audiences the nature of Islam and how it relates to what's happening today.

It's an hour and a half presentation that is extremely well done.

Lopez cuts through all the nonsense one hears in the media about Islam. ISIS has not hijacked Islam. It is acting totally consistent with Mohammad's Islam. It will wage endless war against nonbelievers -- with special focus on Christians -- until the apocalypse.

So when President Sisi of Egypt calls for a "revolution" for Islam, he is right. It is absolutely essential. That revolution can only happen within Islam, since more than a billion Muslims have been brought up believing that Islam is destined to rule the world and that rule is to be achieved by war, violence and deceit whenever necessary. It is the obligation of every Muslim to work to that end, which involves converting to Islam or killing all nonbelievers or subjecting them to second class status in which they must pay an annual special tax to stay alive.

The ayatollahs of Iran share with ISIS a similar apocalyptic view -- though not the timetable -- and goal. They have been the world's leading terrorists since 1979 with a special focus on killing Jews and Americans. They call the U.S. the "Great Satan" and Israel the "Little Satan." Iran funds and arms Hezbollah and Hamas. Iran has killed American military personnel in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Iran has killed Jews around the globe, such as in the massacre of 29 Jews in the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992.



It' I, I, I, until it's "Who, Me?"





A Sunday CBS TV panel explored this question on January 11, 2015. A new perspective was provided by Farah Pandith, who served as the U.S. government liaison to Muslim communities worldwide in the Bush and Obama administrations.

Farah was born in the Muslim part of Kashmir and emigrated to the U.S. at an early age and grew up in the Boston area. She is a graduate of Smith College and the Fletcher School of Diplomacy at Tufts University. She worked in Massachusetts state government and in the private sector at ML Strategies, the consulting arm of the Boston-headquartered law firm of Mintz Levin. A personal note: As the chairman and founder of ML Strategies, I worked closely with Farah for several years. She is brilliant, articulate and an eager problem solver. When she speaks, people should listen. -- Fran Meaney


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