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Early this morning hordes of young Muslim MEN were storming the border of Macedonia, trying to leave Greece and continue into Europe, presumably heading for the welfare rich states of Germany and Sweden. (Sweden is already full, bursting at the seams, with no place to house anyone.)

Are these men pleading for mercy, for passage? Nah, they're stoning the police.

VIDEO=> Muslim ‘Refugees” Chant Islamic War Cry, Stone Police in Macedonia

Jim Hoft Nov 29th, 2015 9:36 am

This weekend Muslim “refugees” chanted the Islamic war cry as they stoned police at the border with Macedonia.

They ought to make wonderful citizens.

18 officers were injured in the attack.
The AP reported:

Macedonia’s interior ministry says 18 police officers were injured in a clash with a group of stranded migrants on the country’s southern border with Greece.

The ministry says two of the officers have been hospitalized in the border town of Gevgelija.

The clashes erupted after a 24-year-old Moroccan migrant suffered severe burns when he touched a high-voltage cable on the Greek side of the border.

The migrants, already angry about the fact that Macedonia has started to erect a fence on the border, started throwing stones at police officers who were cordoning off the official checkpoint. Some police vehicles were also damaged, the ministry says.

The protesters demanded entry into Europe.

Here's the video:

For more, go here.

These are the kind of people (savages, some call them) Obama is seeking to bring into the U.S.

Some have proposed accepting families with children in the U.S., but no men of fighting age, as these men are.

In Europe, the feeling is growing that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States should take their fellow Muslims in as "refugees." So far, these states have refused.

Merkel has made a monumental mistake opening the German borders to this wave of Muslim invaders and now all of Europe is suffering as a consequence.



Muslim Immigration and How to Handle It
by Uzay Bulut
Ms. Bulut was born and grew up a Muslim. She is a free lance Turkish journalist living in Ankara, the nation's capital. She offers some concrete suggestions to Europeans about dealing with the intimidating waves of Muslim immigrants flooding their countries.
Uzay Bulut head.jpg

Executive Summary

The political history of Muslim states has often been restricted to two options. They have either been ruled by nationalist ("secular") oppressive regimes, or Islamist oppressive regimes. Unfortunately, many people in Middle East have so much affinity for political Islam that they do not realize that political Islam is the root cause of their problems. That attitude is the main reason they cannot get rid of their backward and violent regimes, or make cultural or scientific progress.

Sadly, the founder of Islam did not leave behind a humanitarian message to respect people of other faiths and to be on an equal footing with them. What the the Islamic State (ISIS) and other barbaric Islamist groups have been doing to people is horrific beyond words; but it is meticulously based on Islamic scriptures. So it is not the West causing these human tragedies; it is Islam and Muslims.

Members of a culture that murders intellectuals who try to present ideas to improve their societies do not have the moral right to blame its backwardness and bloodthirsty culture on the West.

Muslims should not try to turn Europe, which is being so generous to them, into more Muslim lands. We already have far too much barbarity, misogyny and persecution in the Muslim world. Muslims could do our people an enormous service if instead they tried harder to turn the Muslim lands into Europe-like places.

The Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has suggested that people who have a passport from an Islamic country, in addition to a Dutch passport, should sign an anti-Sharia declaration. It should state that they do not want to introduce Sharia (Islamic law) into the Netherlands, and that they repudiate all the violent passages in the Koran. New refugee-candidates might also sign such a declaration. If they support Islamic rule, then Europe is probably not the best place for them.

These stipulations are not "discrimination against Muslims," any more than requiring guests to your home to behave politely is discrimination against friends. This is merely the same way that rulers in the Middle East -- the Saudis, and Emiratis, for example -- regard foreigners and visitors. The proposal is a rational and legitimate way to protect European civilization and the lives and liberties of all of its citizens.

Europe needs to protect itself and its liberties unapologetically. Why should Europe be expected to commit suicide and turn into yet another Muslim land where lives and liberties have no value? The ancestors of Europeans paid an extremely high price over many years to give their descendants what they have today. European governments need to protect the security of their citizens as well as their cultural identity and freedoms.

The West should support Kurdistan in its struggle for independence. Such support would be one of the most important steps not only to liberate a progressive and heroic nation but also to help reduce the refugee tragedy in the region.

Her Advice to Europe

The heartbreaking photos of Muslim refugees trying to reach Europe have intensified a controversial and urgent issue: The issue of Muslim immigration and how the world should handle it.

"There are 20 million refugees waiting at the doorstep of Europe," said Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations.

Many claim that Europe, facing the crisis produced by the huge influx of Muslim migrants and refugees fleeing mainly Syria and Iraq, should open its doors. But given the realities in Europe and the Muslim world, this suggestion may well be harmful to both the West and to the Muslim world.

One of the most common arguments is that Europe is not doing enough for the Muslim refugees and is actually responsible for the turmoil in Syria as well as the rest of the Muslim world.

The current wars in the Middle East, however, are not the fault of the West. Obviously, the Obama administration and European governments must do more to stop the bloodbath in the Muslim world, but to say that the wars in the region are the product of Western intervention or some other Western "plots" just shows how clueless and ignorant the people who make such claims are about the history of Islam.

Islamic scriptures call on Muslims to wage war on other religions to bring them under submission to Islam. Muhammad, the founder of Islam, said that he was "ordered by Allah to fight men until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger."

In Mecca, Muhammad advocated "la iqra fiddin" -- "[there should be] no compulsion in religion." But when his gift of Islam was not readily accepted, he began to dismiss peaceful co-existence, his message became increasingly intolerant and he resorted to militancy.

When Muhammad moved to Medina, after a more benign life in Mecca, Islam was turned into a military force that apparently intended to rule all aspects of society, including practices such as sex slavery, child marriages, forced conversions, wife beating and commands to kill "the unbelievers." Especially in the later parts of the Quran, Mohammad fully encourages violence against non-Muslims, and their eternal damnation.

Sadly, the founder of Islam did not leave behind a humanitarian message to respect people of other faiths and to be on equal footing with them. By the time Muhammad lived in Medina, his new religion openly advocated dominating others through subjugation, rape, murder and forced conversion. People who followed his teachings first became violent toward peaceful communities and then toward other people around.

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