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Saudi Arabia, U.S. friend or enemy?

The royal family of Saudi Arabia has been "educating" Muslims worldwide for decades now that 7th Century Islam is the Islam for all times and more and more Muslims are becoming convinced this is so (witness the Islamic State). What the Saudis didn't bank on was the possibility that 7th Century true believers would one day be looking to attack and displace them.

Despite the U.S. being aware of the Islamic supremacism the Saudis were promoting to one and all, the U.S. needed Saudi and Gulf States oil, so the Islam originalists got a pass and the U.S. did not object to the Saudis' propaganda offensive.

Also, the Saudis didn't anticipate the resurgence of the U.S. as a world leader in oil production, meaning little or no reliance on Middle East oil. It might also mean a U.S. ready to blow the whistle on the Saudis stoking the flames of radical Islam.

Not good, the Saudis concluded. They needed a plan.

Producing oil by fracking is expensive, multiples more so than conventional drilling for Saudi oil. The plan: Drive world oil prices down and cripple the growth of American oil development and retain the U.S. as an oil-dependent and objection-free client.

So that is what is going on with falling oil prices. The cartel of oil producing countries led by Saudi Arabia (OPEC) have decided not to reduce production in the face of a world oil glut.

Though the Saudis deny it, it seems clear the Saudis are trying to bankrupt a large part of the American oil fracking industry. Their hope is that prices will drop so low the ability of the U.S. to produce its own oil will be substantially reduced and OPEC will be back in the driver's seat setting world oil prices. In other words, the Saudis hope to destroy this new competition by driving large segments of it out of business.

Not so fast, one British analyst says. The Saudis have misread the situation. It is the OPEC oil producing countries that need high prices more than the U.S. fracking industry does. And an even greater expansion of the Islamic State into oil-rich and unstable Libya and Algeria could be the result if those governments are deprived of the money they need to operate and subsidize their people's purchases of basics such as gasoline and bread.

Russia and Venezuela also need high oil prices to meet the revenue needs of their governments to fund the subsidies paid to their populations.

Just maybe the U.S. fracking industry can survive low oil prices and the Middle East, North Africa -- and Europe --will be the losers in the Saudis' high stake game.

Saudis risk playing with fire in shale-price showdown as crude crashes
A deep slump in prices might heighten geostrategic turmoil across the Middle East

London Telegraph
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard


Saudi Arabia and the core Opec states are taking an immense political gamble by letting crude oil prices crash to $66 a barrel, if their aim is to shake out the weakest shale producers in the US. A deep slump in prices might equally heighten geostrategic turmoil across the broader Middle East and boomerang against the Gulf’s petro-sheikhdoms before it inflicts a knock-out blow on US rivals.

Caliphate leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has already opened a “second front” in North Africa, targeting Algeria and Libya – two states that live off energy exports – as well as Egypt and the Sahel as far as northern Nigeria. “The resilience of US shale may prove greater than the resilience of Opec,” said Alistair Newton, head of political risk at Nomura.

Chris Skrebowski, former editor of Petroleum Review, said the Saudis want to cut the annual growth rate of US shale output from 1m barrels per day (bpd) to 500,000 bpd to bring the market closer to balance. “They want to unnerve the shale oil model and undermine financial confidence, but they won’t stop the growth altogether,” he said.
There is no question that the US has entirely changed the global energy landscape and poses an existential threat to Opec. America has cut its net oil imports by 8.7m bpd since 2006, equal to the combined oil exports of Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

The country had a trade deficit of $354bn in oil and gas as recently as 2011. Citigroup said this will return to balance by 2018, one of the most extraordinary turnarounds in modern economic history.

“When it comes to crude and other hydrocarbons, the US is bursting at the seams,” said Edward Morse, Citigroup’s commodities chief. “This situation is unlikely to stop, even if prevailing prices for oil fall significantly. The US should become a net exporter of crude oil and petroleum products combined by 2019, if not 2018.”

Opec has misjudged the threat. As late as last year, it was dismissing US shale as a flash in the pan. Abdalla El-Badri, the group’s secretary-general, still insists that half of all US shale output is vulnerable below $85.

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Obama threw away the success that had been achieved in Iraq by President Bush in pursuing the surge with General Petraeus. When Obama took office, Iraq was stable, but, rather than do what the United States has uniformly done, leave a sufficient force behind to help maintain stability (think Germany, Japan, Korea), Obama, against the advice of our generals, pulled all U.S. troops out to satisfy his leftwing Democratic base. We lost all intelligence and influence in Iraq by not being there. Disaster has resulted.

Could this have been foreseen? Well, yes. Below is a minute or so of a press conference President Bush held in 2007 before the success of the surge had become evident and the president was getting heat from the press -- and Democrats in Congress, including Senator Obama.



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We may be sick of war. We may wish to blot it out and convince ourselves that "war is over."

Jonah Goldberg reminds us,

"No one in the West wants a generational struggle with jihadism any more than Israel wants perpetual war with Hamas in Gaza. The problem is the enemy always gets a vote."

The followers of Mohammad have been voting for world conquest for 1400 years and there is no evidence they are changing their vote now.

By Jonah Goldberg
August 13, 2014

The hawks (including me) were wrong about a lot, but some got one thing right. It’s going to be a long war.

In the early days after 9/11 there was a lot of talk about a “clash of civilizations” and a long “existential struggle” facing the West. I once asked the late Christopher Hitchens what he felt on that terrible day, and he said he felt no small amount of joy. Not for the suffering and death, but for the fact that the West finally had been awakened to the terrible but necessary struggle before us.

And for a time, many liberals bought into the idea that America was heading into a generational struggle with jihadism.

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While the Islamic State is butchering Christians and other non-believers in Islam in the Middle East, doing its part to conquer the world for Islam, in Europe the same war for Islamic supremacy is going on using different methods: Muslim immigration, high birth rates and refusal to assimilate.

The following is a news report of the situation in Brussels, Belgium. Brussels is the heart of Europe, the headquarters of the European Union. Yet it perhaps is the city that is closest to becoming part of the Muslim world complete with Sharia (Islamic law) governing every aspect of the lives of all inhabitants. As the Islamic leader simply says in the video, Islam and Sharia are the same, two different words for the same thing. If you are a believer of Islam, you must accept Sharia. Whoever you are, if you live under Islam, you will obey Sharia.

It is projected that Brussels will have a Muslim majority within 20 years and there is nothing that can be done to alter that.

What can non-Muslims do? Leave.

Is it inevitable that all of Europe will become Islamic? Without a war, and soon, yes.

Are Europeans awake to the threat? Many appear to be, but they are resigned to an Islamic future.



The video below is not a new one. It was first published in 2009, but after some ten million viewings it is circulating again. With the rise of an Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria whose leaders threaten the U.S., Obama's refusal to do anything to stop it does raise the question of "Why not?"

Is the answer in this video?

Is his refusal endangering our national security?



Anti-Semitism is exploding in the world driven by Muslims of all stripes. Islam's goal of world conquest is fueled by anti-Semitism, which is willingly endorsed and echoed by millions of Europeans -- and Americans -- who true believing Muslims aim to conquer and subjugate if not kill. Useful idiots and worse.

In both Europe and America the quiet and partially hidden anti-Semitism of the elites on the left gives aid and support to virulent and violent Islamic intolerance.

British cultural analyst Melanie Phillips reports in the Jerusalem Post on recent anti-Jewish attacks in France and elsewhere in Europe.

Could this happen in America? Anti-Semitism in Europe is increasing as Muslim populations increase. France has the largest Muslim population in Europe. Sweden, which has been most open to Islamic resettlement from the Middle East, has seen entire cities such as Malmo rendered Jew-free as Jews flee for their lives in the face of rampant, violent Jew hatred from Muslims.

Media attacks on Israel as it seeks to defend itself from the aggression of Hamas and Hezbollah are expressions of this Muslim-fed anti-Semitism. Israel is defending its peoples from attacks while Hamas and Hezbollah uses their people as human shields for weapons in order to gain public relations support for "victims" when they are killed or injured when weapon installations are targeted. As Islam's leaders have often said, In the end we will win, because we love death more than life.

How the West is complicit in Islamic Jew-hatred

The violence against the Jews of France, which has escalated as feelings have boiled over against the war in Gaza, is shocking and terrifying.

A mob of mainly Muslim demonstrators in Paris, reportedly armed with knives, axes and iron bars and chanting “Death to the Jews,” tried on Sunday to storm the Don Isaac Abarvanel Synagogue within which nearly 200 congregants were praying for the safety of Israel.

The attackers were kept at bay by members of Jewish defense organizations. A French Jewish journalist said: “Thank God they were there, because the protesters had murder on their minds and it took awhile before police reinforcements arrived.”

The previous day, a Molotov cocktail was thrown into a synagogue at Aulnay-sous-Bois, a Parisian suburb. At Asnieres, another suburb, the police said a Muslim mob of 300 gathered in front of the synagogue and shouted anti-Israel slogans. A firebomb was hurled at a synagogue in Belleville. A Middle Eastern man shot pepper spray at the face of a 17-year-old Jewish girl on a Paris street shouting: “Dirty Jewess, inshallah you will die.”

Muslim attacks on French Jews long predate the current hostilities in Gaza. Earlier this year, a 59-year-old Jew was beaten up on a Paris street by three North African men who screamed “Dirty Jew’ and scrawled a swastika on his chest.

In 2006, Ilan Halimi, a young Parisian Jew, was kidnapped, tortured and murdered. In 2012, a radicalized Muslim murdered a rabbi and three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse.

Muslim attacks on Jews are spiraling across Europe. In May, four Jews were killed in an attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels; the suspect, another radicalized French Muslim, was said by the Belgian state prosecutor to have confessed to the attack “against Jews.” In Sweden, Jews have been driven out of the city of Malmo by Muslim attacks, harassment and intimidation.

All this goes virtually unreported by mainstream Western media. Street protests are routinely described as “anti-Israel.”

Everyone is therefore missing the big story: the tsunami of anti-Jewish hatred rolling across Europe. In Paris and elsewhere, the always paper-thin “anti-Zionist but not anti-Jew” excuse has been stripped away.

“Death to the Jews” is the cry that resounds through the Middle East. Nazi images demonizing Jews pour out of the Arab and Muslim world. The Tsarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which alleged that the Jews formed a conspiracy to take over the world, is widely published and believed as historical fact. Iran’s leadership claims the Jews are trying to destroy Islam. Islamist ideologues from Syed Qutb to Osama bin Laden, Hamas and beyond have taught millions of Muslims that the Jews are behind all the ills of the world.

Palestinian society is suffused by this lunacy.

Palestinian Media Watch reports that the “moderate” Palestinian Authority presents Jews as inherently treacherous, corrupt, deceitful and unfaithful. Forgeries and fiction masquerading as history are used to document and support the libel that Judaism is in essence racist and evil. Jews are said to be planning and executing heinous crimes, including burning Palestinians in ovens, murder, using prisoners for Nazi-like experiments and more.

A few days ago, Yahya Rabah of the Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza was but the latest Arab to recycle the medieval blood libel when he wrote in the official PA daily Al-Hayat al-Jadida that the “Jewish God” demands Jews offer sacrifices during Passover in the form of matza “made from the blood of our children.”

Last year, a PA TV show for children taught them that the devil and the Jews were on the same side. Earlier his month, Al-Hayat al-Jadida wrote that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “confirms the Talmud’s teachings, [according to which] killing others – the insects (gentiles) – is a good thing.”

It is astounding that neither the media nor any Western leader has sounded the alarm over this epidemic anti-Jewish madness in the Islamic world. But neither political nor cultural leaders want to join up the dots.

Partly this is due to the cultural confusion over “Islamophobia” and third world-ism. But mainly it is because anti-Semitism is now the prejudice that dare not speak its name. It’s the big one, the crime of crimes, the knockout blow. If the Muslim world is driven by anti-Semitism, all the excuses being used by Western leaders to appease that world and limit the push-back against it are invalidated.

It would mean it is being fueled by something which is utterly immune to reason or negotiation. So it would mean there could be no half-measures against it. It would have to be identified as a source of evil in the world and utterly defeated.

But of course, that hardly sits with the dominant Western narrative that says the Palestinians are entitled to a state and that Israel is to blame for the conflict. So the Jew-hatred pouring out of the Islamic world is simply ignored.

Worse, all those in the West who trumpet their progressive support for the “oppressed” Palestinians are thus tacitly supporting this frenzied anti-Semitism.

The Palestinian strategy is to efface Jewish history altogether: denying or destroying the historic evidence of the biblical Jewish Kingdom of Judea, obscuring the Jews’ unique right to settle what is now Israel, the West Bank and Gaza enshrined in treaty obligation in the 1920s by the international community, and inverting the Holocaust to claim that Israel is committing genocide. When London demonstrators and British intellectuals declare that Israelis are the new Nazis, colonizing land to which they have no historic connection and which they have stolen from the Palestinians, they make themselves accessories to an infernal creed which is inciting violence and murder against Jews.

Anti-Jewish hatred is not just directed against Israel and the Jews of Europe. It is fueling the Islamic war against the West. It is often said that the Jews are the “canary in the mine.”

Those who turn against the Jews in their own societies invariably deal a death blow to those societies themselves.


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