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Well, the liberal press from the New York Times on down seem to think that the cartoonists and those others attending the free speech Mohammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas would have gotten what they deserved if the two shooters had been successful in slaughtering them all.

The First Amendment is to ensure free speech, especially free speech that some might consider insulting or offensive. Sometimes outrageous speech is essential to wake people up to threats they don't see or don't want to see.

It is as if government and too many opinion leaders in the West are in a trance when it comes to Islam. Most know by now that Islam is not a "Religion of Peace" -- or do they?

Three examples: Following the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, the president of France said it had nothing to do with Islam. Huh?

When the British soldier Rigby was attacked by two Muslims and killed and nearly decapitated on the streets of London as they shouted "Allahu Akbar," the Prime Minister assured the public it had nothing to do with Islam.

With the British election coming May 7th, the leader of the Labor Party has announced that if he becomes prime minister he will make "Islamophobia" a crime. In other words, any criticism or fear of Islam that is expressed will be considered an irrational statement and punished by British law. Madness.

These are three examples of delusion or deliberate lies driven by denial or fear. They do a disservice to the people of France and Britain.

What is the real situation, what is the truth that is being hidden?

Non-Muslims are the targets in a war being waged by Islam for almost 1400 years now. Islamic leaders know that they are waging war. They say so. "Death to America" is a hint.

Most non-Muslims don't want to believe what American presidents as far back as Jefferson and John Quincy Adams (and Winston Churchill) understood about Islam.

Every constitutional means available needs to be used to wake people up, shock people, into seeing the brutal reality staring them in the face.

That's what the Mohammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas was about. As the media and our government continue to deny the existence of this endless war of Islam’s true believers to gain territory and adherents and subjugate to Sharia or kill the rest, it falls to a few brave souls to sound the alarm on behalf of civilization.

We can hope and pray that Islam will reform, but there is no indication from its leaders whether in Tehran or Riyadh and elsewhere that their goal of world domination through violence and whatever other means work, such as lies, deceit, terrorism, intimidation, invasion by immigration and government infiltration, is being abandoned.

Islam's true believers, jihadists, who are persecuting and killing Christians and other non-Muslims are doing exactly what the Koran commands and Mohammad said and did, What are they doing that Mohammad didn't do? They are perverting nothing. They are true to Mohammad of the 7th Century using 21st Century tools largely invented by the non-believers to carry on jihad. They can find justification for their actions in their holy writs. Yet the Cape Cod Times in an editorial on May 5, 2015 wrongly referred to ISIS' "twisted and distorted view of Islam." Jihad is grounded in the ideology of Islam.

Islam is currently in one of its strongest phases of its history right now, rich in numbers of true believers and supporters and oil wealth, and capitalizing on the incredible blindness, willful denial and lack of resistance being shown by the leaders of the so-called free world.

Outspoken realists risking their lives to wake citizens of the western world from their dangerous slumber include the incredibly brave ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders, to name just a few of the most prominent of a small brave handful. May their numbers increase. These courageous voices are regularly dismissed and vilified by the mainstream media and the leftists of the world, champion denialists of the Islamic threat if not in league with it.

What is the greatest threat to America and our way of life? China, Russia or Islam? One would not be wrong to say "Islam."

By the way, an ex-Muslim won the Mohammad cartoon contest grand prize. No newspaper has yet to publish it. Fear of Islam prevails. Sharia wins over the First Amendment. Should a cartoonist be murdered for this cartoon - or any cartoon?

CNN interviewed Pamela Geller, a principal sponsor of the free speech event in Texas and strongly implied that, because of the risk of murderous violence by Islamic jihadists, the event should not have been held. In other words, accept Islamic Sharia's limits on the First Amendment or be killed. It got quite contentious.

An important distinction that seems lost on the CNN interviewer: Islam is an ideology and not all Muslims follow Islam jihadism as originally conceived and practiced by Mohammad. Of the world's 1.4 billion Muslims it is probable that far, far less than a majority are jihadists. While Turkey's president Endogen insists that "Islam is Islam" and there is no such thing as "moderate Islam," there are indeed "moderate Muslims" who are undoubtedly a majority of all Muslims.

Megyn Kelly on Fox News' Kelly File interviewed the other principal sponsor of the free speech event Robert Spenser.



The election was a disaster. There is no other word to describe it.

We’ll have more to say in time.

We shut down our Chatham headquarters the day after and the phones are off and the building is silent.

For now, we want to thank the many volunteers with whom we worked to advance the cause of good government, principally by pouring our efforts into the Scott Brown re-election effort.

Our newly formed town committee in April pledged to make Scott’s re-election our principal goal. We contacted his committee and offered to hold a fundraiser. We started work on raising money in April for Scott and succeeded in helping him a great deal with a spectacular fundraiser that brought in over $113,000 in late July. Did any other local Republican committee do as well? We don’t know, but we know we did very well.

After a short pause for a bit of rest, we shifted our focus in August to turning out votes on Election Day and that effort was in full force till early election night.

In Chatham for months and weeks and days our HQ phones on the Scott Brown Calling Network were humming as volunteers filled the office. They came from Chatham and Harwich and Brewster and Eastham and other towns. We were the only local party committee supplementing Scott’s regional offices in the calling network, as far as we know. On our Chatham volunteer list, we had over 120.

Around the Lower Cape, volunteers blanketed the streets (Chatham especially so) with Scott Brown and Romney/Ryan signs. Our weekly standouts involved anywhere from 30 to 55 Lower Cape volunteers from Barnstable to Truro. Our newly revived Lower Cape Republican Coalition brought people together.

In honesty, when we woke up on November 7th we couldn’t say we had left much undone that we could do to re-elect Scott Brown. For a small town of some 6,000 we can be proud of what we accomplished.

We want to give special recognition to Marie Acton and Mary Jane Crea who kept the Chatham headquarters open from 10 to 8 six days a week and mobilized so many volunteers with good humor, grace and persistence. They were the essential ingredient in what we were able to do.

We are especially sad, distressed, angry and embarrassed that what we all did wasn’t enough to re-elect Scott and that a glib cheater and liar like Elizabeth Warren will be taking the place of a fine honest man of integrity and an excellent senator in the U.S. Senate.

In Massachusetts, and it also seems the country, it appears as if character doesn’t matter anymore. If it did, Scott Brown and Romney/Ryan would be celebrating victories.

Can the America of freedom, individual responsibility, self-reliance, initiative and, yes, morality be regained? We can’t say, but we clearly are headed in the opposite direction.

In the end, Scott carried the Cape narrowly. Chatham (55-45) to Bourne and Sandwich went for Scott. Mitt lost the Cape by a substantial margin, but Chatham by only 3 votes with about 4500 cast, actually his second best showing on the Cape.

Cape vote for Senate 2012.jpg

Cape Vote for Romney 2012.jpg

Again, thanks to all who pitched in. We have learned a lot. We live to fight again.



Mitt Romney's message encapsulates why all Americans of good will should vote for Romney/Ryan and Scott Brown. Reject the hateful rhetoric and lies of Obama and his echo Elizabeth Warren.





It can't be said often enough.



Here are two great (if we might say so!) campaign flyers to print out and distribute.

The Scott Brown flyer gives ten reasons (out of many) to re-elect Scott Brown, who has been an extraordinarly successful first term senator representing all of the people of Massachusetts.


This flyer is for Barnstable County and explains why from Mitt Romney down through the ticket the Republicans have the better team.








Mark Steyn brilliantly describes our human condition in America weekly as it horribly unfolds. The catastrophic failures of the magician in the White House are hidden or glossed over by the "drooling" media intent on having him re-elected.

Judgment day is November 6th. How badly and deeply America has plunged may be something many Americans don't comprehend, but our enemies do.

The Chinese Politburo get it, Czar Putin in the Kremlin gets it, and even the nutters doing the “Death to the Great Satan!” dance on the streets of Cairo and Lahore get it. On November 6, we will find out whether the American people do.

Read it and weep or pray and do the one thing you can do for MItt Romney and Paul Ryan from this fantasyland called Massachusetts -- Donate.

Help stop the theft of our nation's future.



393 Main Street will be the nerve center of the Chatham campaign. Formerly a real estate office, it is strategically located at the entry to the town's bustling downtown shopping district, just opposite what arguably is the most popular coffee shop in town Chatham Village Cafe. The building is a charming Chatham-style home with lush green lawns already sporting Scott Brown signs.

Chatham HQ 4.JPG

Click on picture to enlarge.

The town committee is grateful to the Van Sickle family for delaying their planned conversion of the property back to single home status to permit the campaign to rent the headquarters for the election period.

Comcast has already installed phone lines and internet service. MassVictory this coming week will install special phones that Scott Brown volunteers will use to stay in touch with voters throughout the campaign. Personal calling and door knocking will drive home the importance of voting for Scott Brown for the nation as well as Massachusetts. Scott Brown won with a coalition across party lines in 2010 and will do it again. Scott’s enthusiastic volunteers will bring out added votes for the Romney/Ryan team and the other Republican candidates.

Regular hours for the headquarters will be established during the coming week. The main phone number, not yet staffed but in operation, is 508 348 1274. The headquarters will stock campaign items such as bumper stickers, yard signs and stand-out and rally signs for all Republican candidates. We have not yet to receive any Romney/Ryan campaign material.

Marie Acton and Mary Jane Crea will be headquarters co-managers. The Chatham and Orleans (193 Route 6A) offices will act as regional centers for the Lower Cape Republican Coalition towns (Yarmouth to Truro) and will coordinate with the Hyannis office of MassVictory at 338 Main Street at the corner of Barnstable Road. Courtney Duffy is the Hyannis field coordinator for MassVictory, 774 261 0380. All offices will work together on GET THE VOTE activities. Mary Allen Bradley is chairman of the Orleans RTC.

New volunteers are welcome. Call 508 348 1274 to leave your name and phone number.



Scott Brown's importance to America is underscored by this video just released by his campaign.

To join us in working for Scott's re-election and to find out how you can help, call 617 512 7743. Our committee has voted unanimously that Scott Brown's re-election is our top priority for the 2012 elections.



Will Elizabeth Warren get dumped at the Democrat convention a week from today? There is another candidate vying for the right to run against Scott Brown, Marisa DeFranco, an immigration lawyer on the North Shore. While she isn't highly regarded, will the Democrat convention actually endorse someone shown to be a liar and a fraud, even by the Boston Globe, and as one who has abused the affirmative action system to climb the academic ladder through undeserved preferences?

A survey of the faculty at Harvard Law School shows that virtually all of them are either Harvard Law grads or from top tier law schools, of which Warren's Rutgers Law is not one. But she is the only Native American! Isn't it a wonder that she wound up there? (While she is constantly proclaimed to be a "wonderful" teacher, her published legal work has been called "shoddy" by some.) Why was Warren hired if not for her claimed Cherokee heritage? Scott Brown is right. Harvard should release all the papers related to her hiring. It may be hiding its own shameful behavior gaming the corrupt affirmative action system to give the appearance of "diversity."

Is it possible the convention delegates will play it both ways? Endorse Warren, hoping the Cherokee fraud vanishes in the public's mind, but giving DeFranco enough votes to appear on the September 6th primary ballot, just in case?

That they would want a candidate who has shredded her own integrity on even the primary ballot is a sad commentary on the state of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts today.



This commentary on the weekly Romney round-up report hits the mark. It clearly was a great week for Mitt and a terrible one for Obama. Obama's anti-capitalist, anti-private equity attacks were universally condemned, even by Democratic Obama supporters, and harshly at that. This gave rise to the speculation that what is called "preference cascades" may be happening to both Mitt and Obama, but in opposite directions. For example,

A large population can be dominated by a small group only by persuading all dissenters that they stand alone. Most of their fellow citizens are portrayed as loyal to the regime, and everyone around the dissident is a potential informer. A huge dissident population can therefore be suppressed, by making them believe they’re all lonely voices in the wilderness… until the day they begin realizing they are not alone, and most people don’t support the regime. The process by which dissent becomes seen as commonplace, and eventually overwhelming, is the preference cascade.

It can apply to politics as well. When everyone is growing disenchanted or disgusted with Obama but is afraid to speak up and be criticized as racist and then something happens and one, then another speaks out, the dam can break loose.

When the top defender of Clinton in the Lewinsky affair Lanny Davis openly and emphatically criticizes Obama's campaign tactics, that is big. Is a preference cascade about to start, since Davis' statement encouraged others to do the same?

That’s what began happening over the past couple of weeks: a large number of people discovered it’s okay to strongly disapprove of Barack Obama. His popularity has always been buttressed by the conviction – very aggressively pushed by his supporters – that disapproval of his personal or official conduct is immoral. You’re presumptively “racist” if you disagree with him, or at least a greedy tool of the Evil Rich, or a “Tea Party extremist.”

And the cascade can be positive (as in Mitt's case) as well as negative.

Interesting concept. Actually, one commentator compared it to the Hans Christian Andersen story about the king with the new invisible clothes; it took a child to say "the king has no clothes" for the fear blinders to be removed and all not only saw but spoke the truth.

Read it all; it's short. Mitt is on his way.



Mitt Romney was interviewed by Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal:

"I think America is going to decide whether we will put ourselves on a path toward Europe—whether we will become another nation dominated by government, where citizens are dependent on government for the things they want in life, where opportunity is sacrificed, where military strength is depleted to pay for government promises, where unemployment is chronically high and wage growth chronically low. That, in my view, is the course the president has put us upon." If Barack Obama is re-elected, "it will be very difficult to get off that path. If I'm elected, I will usher in a period of economic vitality" that will leave the world "surprised."

Not only the world: "America is going to see a vitality we had not expected."

If those aren’t exciting words, we don’t know what is.



The Boston Globe finally has dug into the Cherokee Fraud scandal and in a front page story described what Harvard Law professor Warren has been saying as incredible, that is, unbelievable:

US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has said she was unaware that Harvard Law School had been promoting her purported Native American heritage until she read about it in a newspaper several weeks ago.

But for at least six straight years during Warren’s tenure, Harvard University reported in federally mandated diversity statistics that it had a Native American woman in its senior ranks at the law school. According to both Harvard officials and federal guidelines, those statistics are almost always based on the way employees describe themselves.
In addition, both Harvard’s guidelines and federal regulations for the statistics lay out a specific definition of Native American that Warren does not meet.

Read it all.

Scott Brown reacted to the Globe story:

“She falsely described herself as a minority and some of the schools where she worked relied on that information to misrepresent the diversity of their faculty,” Brown said in a statement.

Read Scott’s full response by clicking here. But wait. Wait. The article in the Globe about Scott's response has disappeared from online. Instead, the Globe raced to Mayor Menino to get him to make light of the issue and substituted that article instead. Scott's unadulterated response had a shelf life with the Globe of about an hour before it could put out a Democrat self-serving brushing aside of Scott's legitimate accusation of fraud by Warren and Harvard. Scott, of course, had the right answer when questioned about Menino's contention it was all a non-story (After all, fraud is the Democrat's game, so why get upset?). Scott said, "“I think that’s up to the voters.”

Here's the Globe substitute article using precisely the same link as the one to Scott's original full response. This is pretty sick.

What better example of mainstream media taking up the Democratic side when they are supposed to be reporting the news? We know the Globe is a pathetic joke when it comes to unbiased political news, but we keep hoping some journalistic integrity will eventually seep out. Not a chance, based on this example.

An investigative reporter did a great job of digging out facts that blackened Warren's reputation for truthfulness even more (if that's possible) and the night editor put it on the front page. We were surprised and delighted that the Globe was playing it straight for a change. That didn't last long. The next news cycle, the article vanished from the front page online and Scott's response disappeared altogether replaced by Menino's defense of Warren.

It's disgusting to see the state's leading newspaper playing games like this, but it's nothing new. It just means we all have to work even harder to make sure Scott's message gets out to the voters to offset the manipulations of media like the Globe.

To leave the sour note sounded by the Globe, take a look at the great endorsements Scott Brown has just picked up. Just click on the picture and watch the short video of these heroes who are supporting Scott.



George Will visits Boston and takes on Scott Brown's likely opponent Harvard Law's Elizabeth Warren and her "high cheekbones." But a current Suffolk poll says her ridiculous lies and abuse of affirmative action programs haven't hurt her the least among Democrats. George Will points out that on the "likeability" scale, Scott has a huge lead. Nonetheless, the Suffolk poll shows that we who support Scott must do all we can to ensure his capability to lead remains an asset of the U.S. Senate. That means getting out the vote and raising money for his campaign. We will be doing both in Chatham and calling on all who support fiscal sanity in Washington (and Chatham) to help. Call 617 512 7743 to volunteer.

Karl Rove does the electoral numbers and comes with the strategy for Romney to win.

Recent polling on who Romney should pick as VP has Marco Rubio first, but House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan a close second. Chris Christie was way back.

While many countries of the world seem heading for decline or even extinction due to plummeting birth rates, the U.S. fertility rate is strong and immigration adds millions, so, almost alone, the U.S. will keep growing and maintain its world economic leadership, Ben Wattenberg forecasts.

A bank run is building in Greece. Deposits are being switched to German banks. Greece leaving the euro seems inevitable. In fact, some are predicting the euro is totally doomed and proposing that all eurozone countries junk the euro at the same time and revert to their own currencies as the best way to stabilize, save and reenergize their economies.

Chatham's founding day is almost upon us, Monday, June 11. 300 years to the day.


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