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The next meeting for Chatham Republicans is on Monday, December 1, 5 p.m., at the Chatham Community Center. We meet on the top floor in the Club Room, which is to the left of the Large Meeting Room.

Here's some of what we will cover:

1. Results of elections for U.S. Senate, Congress and all statewide offices and results of Barnstable County and Cape & Islands district elections. Chatham did well by the Republican candidates, the best in our 4th Barnstable district.

2. What we can learn from the national elections.

3. Is fraud in elections increasing? What's causing it? What's the cure? NH Senate election.

4. Early signs about a Baker administration.

5. Republican successes in the Massachusetts House and Senate.

6. The 2016 presidential elections: Who do you favor? Who do you think will be the Republican nominee? Who do you think will be the Democratic nominee?

8. Issues: Obama and immigration, Keystone pipeline, Obamacare, Ferguson

9. We need a new Treasurer since Sam Black has moved out of Chatham.

10. Recapping the activities of the Chatham Republicans throughout 2014.

We will convene promptly as 5 and aim to end promptly at 6:30.

Suggestions for discussion are welcome. Call Fran Meaney at 617 512 7743.

Chatham Republican Town Committee
Fran Meaney, Chairman 617 512 7743
Diane Bronsdon and Elaine Gibbs, Vice Chairs
Marie Acton, Secretary Sam Black, Treasurer



50 years ago on October 27th, 1964 Ronald Reagan gave one of the powerful political speeches in the history of modern American. Among other things, he reminded us of the fragility of freedom before an all powerful government seeking to become ever stronger.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

This conservative message is as relevant today as 50 years ago.



Do we have problems? And how. What is the answer?



A Democratic state senator in Louisiana Elbert Guillory has become a Republican and in this video he explains why and urges his fellow blacks to wake up, as he did.

His conclusion: Democratic policies are meant to control blacks, not help them rise out of poverty.

This is the hidden truth that Lyndon Baines Johnson is reported to have uttered as he initiated the "War on Poverty" back in the 1960s:

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”

“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

The Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Michael Ramirez couldn't have portrayed the LBJ Democratic strategy better than he did here:

1 Hooked Ramirez.jpg



Republican Abraham Lincoln freed black men from slavery. He was elected in 1860 with Republican votes from the North. The principal driving force for abolition and immediate emancipation of slaves originated in Massachusetts and it voted heavily Republican for Lincoln in 1860. Southern Democrats were the heart of the Confederacy and they did everything to make life difficult for freed blacks for decades following the Civil War.

Some blacks had started to vote Democratic during the Great Depression because of FDR's socialist policies. Beginning in the 1960s Democrats began in earnest to develop a New Slavery policy to re-enslave them with government dependency. The New Slavery strategy engineered by President Lyndon Johnson has worked spectacularly. Virtually all formerly Republican voting blacks shifted their allegiance to the Democratic Party on promises of handouts from Democrat-controlled government.

A vital part of the Democratic strategy was to destroy the power of religion. At the same time as socialism was rising in the Democratic party, so were forces of irreligion.

Socialism in 1930s and early 1940s in Germany attacked and diminished Christianity and Jewish beliefs to make the state all powerful. Socialism in Russia did the same. Atheism drove out Judeo-Christian values and devalued human life.

That the same pattern has asserted itself in the American Democratic Party as it has become more and more socialist should be no surprise. Christianity, the principal American religion, had to be weakened. The voice of the Church had to be silenced. The Judeo-Christian tradition had to be belittled for the state to become all powerful.

Democratic Catholic politicians more and more gave lip service to Catholic values. Mario Cuomo is a prime example of the new fake Catholic: He devised the ingenious position on abortion quickly embraced by other fake Catholic pols: While I as a Catholic personally oppose abortion, I will not impose my views on others. They all were intent on increasing the power of the state and its hold on voters dependent on the government. What would matter is what the state decreed, not what Judeo-Christian values held. Moral restraints were to be cast off. Hollywood and the media gleefully cooperated, knowing all too well that evil sells.

More and more blacks are beginning to realize that it is the anti-Christian Democratic Party that has led to the destruction of the black family and the shriveling of the can-do spirit that characterized many blacks from Emancipation up to the middle of the 20th Century. The New Slavery strategy which began with Lyndon Johnson has resulted today in too many blacks looking for a hand-out, not a hand up, and settling for living on welfare. The Great Society anti-poverty program was one giant poison pill, as Johnson intended it to be.

A growing number of black conservatives are seeking to spread the message that everything the anti-Christian Democratic Party has done to them has been for the worse, to make them more and more dependent on government to get their votes while weakening their ties to their Christian and work ethic past. They condemn the black Democratic leaders who enable the New Slavery, getting rich while their constituents subsist on welfare checks.

It's a long road back, but some black conservatives are renewing their traditional links to the Republican Party and championing their heritage as industrious workers seeking opportunity to better themselves and to free themselves from Democratic welfare bondage.

Some of today's black leaders are featured in the video below. They are updating the GOP message to one of "Growth, Opportunity and Prosperity." These black conservatives want their fellow blacks to win back their independence and their dignity and leave the Democratic plantation. America will be enriched with this new energy directed to creating prosperity. Others taken in by the Democrats' New Slavery siren song may take notice of the new emancipation of blacks and rethink what's good for them as well.

The rising force of these black conservatives is beginning to cause some concern in the anti-Christian Democratic Party, says black conservative activist Wayne Dupee.. He explains what's happening:

Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman are heroes. Their strength and conviction to free blacks from slavery are a testament to what happens when individuals think more of their community than themselves and are willing to risk everything for a cause greater than themselves.

In comparison, modern black “leaders” like Jesse Jackson Jr. and Al Sharpton are tiny and self-serving. They don’t serve black Americans or champion freedom and liberty for all. They champion liberal politics and ideology, and that’s odd; liberals want to see blacks tucked neatly into the roles of their design.

Liberals can’t abide a black person who leaves the black plantation of poverty and handouts to stand on his own two feet; they treat with contempt a black man who turns his back on their free money to work hard to make a good life for himself and his family. How dare these dissidents show the black community what they can do with their lives if they walk away from poverty and work to better themselves?

Too many liberals think they have the black race all sewed up, and it just paralyzes them to hear of black conservatives.

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The Financial Times of London is more left than the New York Times, yet here is one of its columnists talking economic sense!

I am reproducing the article because most of what the FT has is protected by a paywall. I pay enough for my subscription I feel I can take a few liberties.


Spend and borrow will not save the left

By Philip Stephens in the Financial Times of April 5, 2013

The welfare state was built on growth. That is what social democrats should focus on

Whatever happened to European social democracy? Liberal financial capitalism perished in the great crash of 2008. The shredding of the Washington consensus promised to allow Europe’s centre-left to remake the bargain between state and markets. In the event, the champions of government now count themselves among victims of the crash.

Europe’s political geography is one of mostly centre-right governments challenged here and there by populist insurgents. In the few places where the centre-left holds sway it is in trouble. Elsewhere, in the more familiar role of opposition, it looks unconvincing. All the while the post-crash nationalisation of private sector debts presents a lethal threat to Europe’s cherished social model.

I hear progressive politicians complain that this is unfair. Why should voters be more trusting of those most responsible for this terrible economic mess than of those who have always believed in fettered markets? There are two answers to this. The first is that the centre-left colluded in the credit boom: as long as the money was there to be redistributed, no one asked too many questions. The second, and more important, is that the progressive response in the aftermath of the crash has been wholly unconvincing.

France’s Socialist government looks to be in office but not in power. François Hollande was in difficulties well before the tax evasion scandal now engulfing his administration. As it happens the president is not a madcap leftie. By French standards, his reforms are halfway radical. But his election victory was essentially a rejection of Nicolas Sarkozy. Without much of a grand plan of his own, Mr Hollande has failed to show that elusive but vital leadership quality known as “grip”. Instead, his government has come to be defined by a barmy plan for a 75 per cent tax rate on the rich.




Out of the wreckage of the 2012 election, there is one certain star at least who emerged and was elected -- Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. He's young, he's articulate, he's conservative and connects with people. He can carry the message that America needs to galvanize itself - "opportunity conservativism."



Consider these statistics from the October report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: (h/t Legal Insurrection)

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for blacks increased to 14.3 percent in October.

The jobless rate for Asians was 4.9 percent in October (not seasonally adjusted), down from 7.3 percent a year earlier. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

Now why this huge disparity? There are an enormous number of programs to aid blacks because of slavery (abolished in 1863) and prejudice (like for the Catholics, Jews and Poles and whoever else who don't get the benefit of these made-for-African-Americans programs).

Asians, from Japanense (many interred during WWII), Koreans (those guys?), Vietnamese (hounded in many places), Indians (fleeing the caste system) and so on, have an unemployment rate of 4.9%.

Did Asians get the "benefit" of any of those government programs? Indeed, in California, the "help" programs exclude Asians, say, for college admission and assistance. In California high schools, white flee to other towns because they don't want to compete with those Asians who (gasp!) study and take their learning seriously.

Could it be those Asians don't consider themselves victims but grateful to be in a land of opportunity? That they think they should just put their heads down and work hard to earn success and not look around for somebody to give them bonus points? That they get married and have families and, guess what, avoid poverty? That they don't consider it beneath them to work in a restaurant or a convenience store or a gas station to get on a ladder rung to better things?

What are the the statistics telling us?

Just asking.



The 2012 election is the best chance for the people to take back the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and progressively stolen away by Big Government over the decades. The public has finally awakened to the threat and is roused and ready to fight for liberty.

Obama’s declining presidency has become synonymous with the image of big government, from spiralling budget deficits and out of control federal spending to massive taxpayer funded bailouts and increasing regulations on businesses and healthcare. Even 28 per cent of Democrats agree with the 61 per cent of Republicans (and 57 per cent of independents) who now view the federal government as “a threat” to the rights and freedoms of the American people. It is little wonder that a mere 11 per cent of US voters now describe themselves as liberal on fiscal issues in Rasmussen polling, compared to 44 per cent who call themselves conservative and 40 per cent who describe themselves as moderate.

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An astounding turn has happened online: Conservative blogs now dominate. Five of the ten most popular political blogs are conservative, only two are leftwing.

The redoubtable Michelle Bachmann said it: "The sleeping giant is awake."

‘The sleeping giant’: Conservatives gaining force online

By Chris Moody - The Daily Caller With the turn of a phrase, Minnesota Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann seemed to sum up last weekend’s RightOnline conference, an annual gathering of conservative activists.

“The sleeping giant is awake,” she declared, drawing a thunder of applause and cheering that could be heard across the fifth floor of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, where the two-day event was held.

For years, the progressive Netroots Nation conference had monopolized the discussion about online activism. Republicans held the White House and Congress until November 2006, a reality that sparked a fury on the left and motivated them to dominate the online world.

The election of Barack Obama, however, turned much of that on its head.

For the first time ever, conservative blogs hold the top two slots in’s political blog ranking, pushing The Huffington Post, the long-reigning champion, to the fifth slot. Conservative blogs also make up half of the top ten political blogs on the Web, while the distinctly liberal blogs only claim two spaces.

With the turnover in power in Washington since November 2008, the progressives appear to have fallen into the same trap as the right did while in power. Compared to the noise they were making while former President George W. Bush held the White House, they have quieted down a bit online, opening an opportunity for their opponents to start taking the Web seriously.

Enter Erik Telford, director of membership and online strategy for Americans for Prosperity, a Washington-based conservative activist group. In 2008, Telford organized RightOnline to go head-to-head with Netroots Nation, training conservatives how to use the Web to organize their efforts. Telford coordinated the first conference in Austin, Texas during the same time as Net roots Nation, and the enthusiasm for the event has grown ever since. Only about 500 people showed up for that meeting three years ago. Last weekend, more than a thousand made the trip.

RightOnline organizers even boasted that their conference had more attendees than Netroots Nation this year, which turned out not to be true. Netroots Nation had registered about 2,100 this year, while RightOnline had around 1,100. Netroots Nation attendance has also increased, up from 1,200 their first year.

“Netroots Nation is going down faster than Mel Gibson’s career,” Telford told the crowd during a Friday night line-up of speeches.

But even with a smaller (but growing) crowd, the enthusiasm at RightOnline was on full charge.

While a feeling of frustration with the Democratic Party seemed to float through the air at Netroots Nation, it was all rapture among the conservatives. For a group that has faced such excruciating losses so recently, the activists at RightOnline were literally giddy about their November prospects.

Sharron Angle, who is opposing long-time Nevada Democrat Sen. Harry Reid, received a standing ovation Saturday for urging a change to Social Security, announcing support for Arizona’s new immigration law, and, of course, promising to beat Reid, who is also the Senate’s majority leader.

“Love you Sharon!” shouted an attendee when Angle took the stage. “I love you too” she replied.
But the excitement over the weekend was not strictly in favor of Republicans as much as it was against Democrats.

“Even if she’s not your pick, who cares,” one speaker said of Angle during a speech about winning Congress in November. “We gotta take Harry Reid out.”

The crowd was receptive to editor Erick Erickson, who reminded the attendees that Republicans could not be looked upon as saviors of their movement. Erickson has taken to his popular blog to lambaste Republicans who stray from conservative principles.

“It’s time to beat the Democrats,” Erickson said. “And it’s time to beat the Republicans.”

Still, if the level of exhilaration were any indicator, there is little denying that the right has the upcoming election in its sights above all else.

“We are going to take back this country the first Tuesday of November,” Bachmann told the crowd. “It’s going to happen.”

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