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The Chatham fundraiser on Friday, July 20th for Senator Scott Brown was a smash success.

Chatham raised over $100,000 for Senator Brown’s campaign and brought together more than 275 folks to come and cheer the senator on despite the threatening rain.

In fact, the first post-party report is in: Chatham has raised $111,500 and more is still coming in!!!! As of right now, in Massachusetts, Chatham has raised more money for Scott than all other cities and towns except Boston and Wellesley!

It was all made possible by Elaine Gibbs offering her home for the event. Elaine and her team of volunteers performed magnificently to produce an exciting and rewarding evening for the senator and everyone who attended. The house and property, including the huge tent, were beautifully (and patriotically) decorated, flower arrangements were everywhere, signs and guides pointed the ways to go and the food and beverages were plentiful and professionally presented and served.

The senator came a bit earlier than scheduled because he found he had to leave a bit earlier than expected, but he used every minute to talk with us individually and together. He expressed his gratitude for all of the hard work that Elaine and her team had done to get ready for the event. No question, he was impressed. As Scott was leaving, he thanked me as chairman of the Republican town committee for what Chatham had done for him and repeated those thanks in a personal email to me as chairman of the town committee the next day. And again this morning (Wednesday, July 25th) by phone.

There can be little doubt that the Chatham Republican Town Committee, the organizer of the event, delivered a result far in excess of anything the Brown campaign expected. That a town committee for a town of 6,125 permanent residents was able to put together a fundraiser that raised more for Scott Brown than had any other city or town in the state except for Boston and Wellesley is an amazing accomplishment in which we can all take pride. The volunteers who helped with the fundraising as well as those who assisted Elaine in hosting the event itself did Chatham and the town committee proud. But without the support of everyone who contributed and everyone who came it would not have been the magical moment it was.

We also thank our friends in our neighboring communities who contributed and came. We had a good sprinkling of folks from across the Cape as other organizations spread the word of our Scott Brown event.

We were pleased that Mary Z Connaughton, who led the statewide Republican ticket in 2010 as the candidate for State Auditor, came down from Framingham to introduce Scott to the 300 assembled Under the Tent. She will be heard from again.

We had the opportunity to introduce the two candidates who will be facing off in the state primary on Thursday, September 6th seeking the Republican nomination to run for the House of Representatives seat for the newly created 9th Congressional District (all of Cape Cod running west to Fall River): Adam Chaprales of Sandwich and Chris Sheldon of Plymouth.

Adam and Chris will return to Chatham for an hour-long debate open to the public on Thursday, August 16th, 4 p.m., in the Chatham Community Center. Selectman David Dunford of Orleans will moderate. Be sure to come. With the strong leadership of Scott Brown, taking the House seat for Cape Cod seems even more doable.

Jeff Perry and his wife Lisa of Sandwich were there to show their strong support and friendship for Scott Brown, who had strongly backed Jeff in his 2010 congressional race.

Eric Steinhilber, the Republican candidate for Barnstable County Commission, is running against the Democratic incumbent Sheila Lyons and the incumbent commisioners' plans for a massive sewer authority for Cape Cod costing billions.

Scott at Chatham fundraiser 7.20.12.jpg

Click the photol to get a really big picture.

The happy and enthusiastic large crowd listens attentively as Scott made a point Under the Tent.

But victory will not come easy. A new poll today shows Scott trailing his opponent 40%-38%, in effect, a statistical tie. Obama leads Romney in Massachusetts favorability 60%-39%.

Scott had an uphill battle to win in 2010 and he can do it again. He is a man who can break gridlocks. His opponent is a person who creates them with her ideological, anti-business stance that even Obama is trying to distance himself from.

Scott makes this point in a powerful new ad previewed this morning on Fox & Friends. It has been seen already by 175,000 people. Watch it. It’s dynamite. Click here. What we owe the risk takers, the entrepreneurs, the small businessmen and women! They are what makes America great.

We need to continue to do all we can for Scott financially and in helping to get out the votes on Election Day.

For those who haven’t donated to Scott yet or who would like to give him a bit more to make our fundraiser even more meaningful, you can do so in less than a minute by clicking on the link below:


We will begin our campaign to turn out voters for Scott on Election Day in the next few weeks. We will be calling shortly for volunteers to contact neighbors and friends to urge them to vote for Scott. Every vote we get for Scott in Chatham and elsewhere across the Cape offsets a vote in a big city Democratic neighborhood dragged out by public union workers, so every single vote is important.

We have the candidate who puts America first. He has not advanced his career by false claims. He has done succeeded the American way - he earned it.



Attend the Memorial Day observance in Chatham Monday, May 26, 2012.

The parade begins at the World War Memorial in front of the Chatham Community Center at 10 a.m. and proceeds to the several war monuments in the downtown area ending at the Veterans Rotary at approximately 11:30.



Now that Mitt Romney has won the primary battles and will be designated the Republican nominee for President in Tampa at the Republican National Convention in Tampa the end of August, the speculation about the Vice President pick begins.

An early favorite is Marco Rubio, the new (first elected in 2010) U.S. Senator from Florida. There are several reasons for this. The one most frequently cited is that he is Hispanic. His family left Cuba to settle in Florida, where Marco was born. The Hispanic voter is increasingly important in elections, Ethnic groups take pride in the advancement of one of their own -- the Irish for JFK being an obvious example as well as blacks for Obama.

But Marco Rubio is for his years already a man of accomplishment (He will be 41 next week on May 28th). He rose quickly through politics after securing his bachelor's degree from the University of Florida and graduating from the University of Miami Law School. Elected a state representative for the first time in 2000, he was voted in as the Republican Speaker of the House just six years later by his peers, in 2006, a remarkably quick run to the top.

Rubio decided to run for the U.S. Senate when the incumbent senator resigned. He began the campaign as a double-digit underdog to the popular Republican governor Charlie Christ in the contest for the Republican nomination. He rapidly gained ground and when it was obvious he would win the nomination, Crist declared as an independent, but Rubio went on to win a three-way race final by a wide margin. Rubio's wife is of Columbian descent, they have four children, are Catholic and live in West Miami.

What is especially exciting about Rubio is his capacity to inspire. He is an extraordinarily able speaker. His speeches during the senatorial campaign as well as various TV ads in which he just spoke of his beliefs and hopes for America were hugely instrumental in his victory.

Just a few days ago Marco Rubio was the invited keynote speaker at the Republican Convention in South Carolina. South Carolina has an extraordinary group of capable Republicans representing the state in Congress, led by the leading conservative in the Senate Jim DeMint. DeMint met with Rubio and endorsed him when he was 20 points behind Governor Crist in the polls.

A delegate to the convention alerted one of our friends from Harwich to Rubio's speech. Here is his email message:

On Mon, 21 May 2012 11:12:22 -0400 Thomas B Hatfield writes:

Dear Colleagues:

I was honored to be present as a Delegate at the SC GOP
Convention this last Saturday and to attend the Silver Elephant
Banquet that evening where Florida U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio
was the keynote speaker. His was one of the most inspiring political
speeches I have heard and I believe one that every American, not
just Republicans, should see and hear. Fortunately, C-Span
covered almost all of the event. ...If you wish to skip the introductions,
his speech starts about minute 16. Hope you enjoy it. And if you do,
by all means pass it along. (Including your Independent and
Democrat friends and family).

If there is a better candidate for VP, it is difficult to image who.



Though Mario's speech begins about minute16, some may well find it enjoyable to watch the opening remarks of Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint. We did.

Marco Rubio is just one possibility for Mitt to consider, but he is a strong contender. For months Marco said he was not interested, but of late he has softened that position. As he makes clear in his talk, this is a vital election for the future of America. Every American who loves his country must heed the call to help rescue it from the disastrous course the current president has put the nation on.

That includes us.

Mitt Romney has many excellent choices as he contemplates his selection. In a show of hands at the meeting last night of the Chatham Republican Town Committee, Marco Rubio was the near unanimous choice.

Watch the video and feel good about America.



At its January 9, 2012 meeting the committee voted to extend its congratulations to the new state chairman and to indicate it is looking forward to working with him during the critical 2012 election campaigns.

The committee also extended an invitation to the chairman to come to Chatham to celebrate with the town its Lincoln Day observance on Sunday, February 12th. The event will be held at the Chatham VFW from 3 to 5. Details will be announced shortly.

Chairman Walter Bilowz said, "This is an important year for Chatham since it is celebrating its 300th birthday as a town. It's also an important year for the nation since new leadership is desperately needed in Washington. It is therefore fitting that the committee honor our first Republican president, who was serving when Chatham celebrated its 150th birthday. Abraham Lincoln had the courage, comitment, strength and determination to save this nation at a time of its greatest peril. Once again, it falls to a Republican to rescue the country from forces seeking to destroy it. We can do no better than to turn to Lincoln as an example of towering leadership."


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