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Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember and honor those who have died defending our country. The Cape Cod Times Friday edition has a rundown of all the Cape Cod Memorial Day observances and related events in support of our men and women in the Armed Forces.

To remember those living who are on the front lines defending us now, there is a great opportunity in Hyannis. Go if you can; if not, you can donate on the website. Click on the picture to enlarge.

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Here are the details of the Chatham observance, as reported in the the Cape Cod Chronicle.


CHATHAM --- The town's annual Memorial Day ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. on Monday.

Participants will visit each of the town's war memorials during the ceremony, which will culminate with the dedication of the new World War II memorial at Nickerson Park at 11 a.m. At each site there will be a brief ceremony, a rifle salute by members of the Chatham VFW, "Taps" played by Emily VanRyswood.

Beginning at 9:55 a.m. Veterans Field Road, the ensemble will march to the World War I memorial at the community center, where the main ceremony will begin. The procession will then stop briefly at Nickerson Park where the new World War II monument is being dedicated this day, and then move to the Oyster Pond parking area. A wreath will be placed in the water honoring those lost at sea, following by a brief ceremony at the nearby Korean and Vietnam Veterans memorials.

The procession will then proceed to the Civil War monument at Sears Park, where Scott Hamilton will recite the Gettysburg Address.

Chatham    Civil War monument.jpg


Hamilton will also read a roll call of Chatham residents who died in the war, including three men whose names do not appear on the monument, but will soon be added.

Bagpiper Sarah Marchio will lead the procession back to the Veterans Memorial Traffic Circle at the downtown rotary where scouts will lead the Pledge of Allegiance and Laura Barabe will sign the National Anthem. We Are The Men will sing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "The Navy Hymn." The ceremony will conclude with Marchio playing "Amazing Grace."

Included in the ceremony will be the Chatham VFW and American Legion, many veterans, the Ladies and Mens Auxiliary to the Chatham VFW, the Chatham Coast Guard Color Guard, the Coast Guard Auxiliary, local clergy, selectmen, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Brownies.

The new World War II Memorial will be dedicated in Nickerson Park on Stage Harbor Road just few yards from the Veterans Memorial Traffic Circle.


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The question burns: Is Obama really as incompetent as he seems? Or is something else going on?

Why does Obama not recognize radical Islam for what it is, a danger to our European and American civilization? As has been said, this is not a clash of civilizations; it's civilization vs. barbarism.

How did we get into the mess in the Middle East we are in?

Five Middle East Blunders

By Victor Davis Hanson
National Review Online
February 17, 2015

President Obama claims he inherited a mess in the Middle East. Not so.

Fracking and horizontal drilling on private lands in the U.S. had taken off in the last years of the Bush administration and by 2009 were set to revolutionize America’s energy future.

By 2011, the U.S. had cut way back its dependence on Middle Eastern gas and oil imports, which in turn gave American diplomats a measure of immunity from petro-blackmail, and therefore far more clout in the region. Iraq was mostly stable; in Anbar Province tens of thousands of jihadists had been killed by U.S. troops and their tribal allies. Iran’s scope was limited by a new moderate axis of Sunni states, Israel, and the United States. A bruised Hezbollah faced a huge rebuilding tab in southern Lebanon. Libya was beginning to shed at least some of its bizarre past. The Palestinians had no desire for another Intifada. The Middle East was looking to the U.S. for leadership, inasmuch as the surge in Iraq had regained respect for American arms and determination.

All that now is ancient history. In five critical areas, the U.S. blew it.

I. Iran
Sanctions were starting to squeeze Iran, which had been unable to absorb Shiite-dominated Iraq. Unrest in Iran was rising, spearheaded by pro-Western young reformers. Less than a month after Barack Obama’s inauguration, over a million Iranians hit the streets to protest their country’s rigged elections. The Europeans were beginning to understand that a nuclear Iran posed a greater threat of nuclear blackmail to the EU than to the U.S.

Poland and the Czech Republic had agreed to partner with the U.S. in creating an anti-ballistic missile system to deter Iran’s growing missile program. The U.S. and its friends occasionally sent armadas slowly through the Strait of Hormuz to remind Iran that we were determined that international waters would always remain international.
So what happened?

The new Obama administration kept silent as the pro-Western Iranian protests deflated. In herky-jerky style, Obama at first upped the sanctions as Tehran ignored his serial empty deadlines on curbing enrichment. Then, unilaterally and without much warning, Obama relaxed sanctions. He reopened negotiations, even as Iran’s centrifuges multiplied. Currently, Iran is on the cusp of nuclear acquisition, and it quietly advises its supporters that the U.S. is both weak and naïve — and will soon be gone from the region.

Tehran is creating a sort of Co-Prosperity Sphere at the expense of Sunni and Western interests, as it sabotages Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon. There is no longer talk of regional U.S.-led missile defense.

In brilliantly diabolical fashion, Iran has maneuvered a deer-in-the-headlights U.S. into an embarrassing de facto alliance with it against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The partnership was designed by Tehran to save the pro-Iranian Assad government, to bolster Hezbollah, to relieve diplomatic pressures on its own nuclear-enrichment program, and to increase tensions between the U.S. and the Sunni moderate states like Jordan and the Gulf monarchies.

There has never been a greater likelihood than there is now, under Obama, that Iran will get the bomb, that it will create a radical theocratic Shiite alliance from Yemen to Iraq to Syria to Lebanon, and that it will direct Hamas and Hezbollah to start another war against Israel — this time backed by an Iranian nuclear deterrent.

II. Iraq
In Iraq, U.S. strategy hinged on forcing the fledgling democracy to create loose alliances between Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis, with the understanding that they would all resist both al-Qaeda and Iranian-sponsored Shiite affiliates. And from 2009 to 2011, consensual government in Iraq seemed to be working, albeit mostly through the implied threats that nearby U.S. troops would intervene if it did not.

The country was more quiet than not. Indeed, the U.S. military there was losing more personnel each month to accidents than to combat. In December 2009, three Americans were killed in Iraq — the lowest figure for any month since the war began. In December 2011, no Americans were lost.

Obama, who had opposed the Iraq war, termed the country “secure” and “stable.” Vice President Joe Biden, who as senator had voted for the war, bragged that it might become the Obama administration’s “greatest achievement.” American proconsuls kept the pressure on Iranophile Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to treat Sunni tribes more equitably, and to keep Iraqi territory free of the Iranian military. Al-Qaeda in Iraq was comatose. Most Sunni Islamists had no desire for a replay of the Anbar Awakening and the Surge.

Then, for the sake of a 2012 reelection campaign point, Obama pulled out all U.S. constabulary troops at the end of 2011. The result was a void that drew in the dregs of the Middle East, as ISIS and the Iranian-back militias fought over the corpse of what used to be Syria and Iraq.

At the same time, the administration proclaimed empty red lines to Assad, in the manner it had given Iran empty deadlines — even as President Obama called ISIS a “jayvee” team that posed little threat to the U.S., or at least no more worries than what street criminals pose to the average big-city mayor.

A growing ISIS soon appealed to disenchanted Sunni tribes who felt that they had been ostracized by Baghdad, even as Iran encouraged the Iraqi government to ostracize them even more.

The ayatollahs’ great fear from 2008 to 2011 was that a viable, consensual Iraq on their border might weaken their theocratic control in Iran. Such anxiety vanished, replaced by a new confidence that, in the absence of U.S. garrisons, Tehran had turned Iraq into a vassal state.

III. Libya
When President Obama took office, Moammar Qaddafi was a psychotic monster in rehab. The U.S. was opening a new embassy in Tripoli. U.S. military officials were allowed nearly complete freedom to round up defunct WMD programs.

Western investors were welcomed in Libya. Westerners were talking of investing in Libyan enterprise zones, improving Libya’s oil and gas network, and reopening spectacular archaeological sites to tourism. Qaddafi had clamped down on Islamists, and seemed increasingly to be leaving decisions in the hands of his progeny. The Westernized next generation of Qaddafis were courted by the international jet set, and were subtly sending signals that even greater liberalization was on the horizon. Qaddafi had become a buffoon, not a beheader.

All that vanished when Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice ordered the bombings that turned Libya into a terrorist paradise, whose ultimate trajectory was Benghazi. They had turned up a day late and a dollar short in piggybacking on the Arab Spring unrest in Cairo. This time around they wanted to ride rather than watch the growing protests against Qaddafi — an odd thing, given their prior warnings about Bush-administration naïveté in trying to promote consensual government in the volatile Middle East by force of arms.

The first thing that went wrong was that the U.S. intervention violated U.N. resolutions — which we had supported — about actions limited to humanitarian assistance and no-fly zones. That double cross alienated the snookered Russians, who had signed on to the U.N. resolution.

Then the U.S. ceded its traditional military leadership to the French and British through a lead-from-behind recessional. It turned a new diplomatic presence into dead Americans and a wrecked consulate in Benghazi.

Libya’s oil and gas industries currently resemble Nigeria’s — on a good day. Tripoli is a Mogadishu on the Mediterranean. No Westerner in his right mind will set foot on Libyan soil. The Obama administration’s experience in Libya can be summed up by its election-cycle fraud of jailing an obscure video maker for supposedly causing a “spontaneous” demonstration in which the consulate was ruined and four Americans were killed, including the ambassador — a yarn that even its promulgators no longer believe.

IV. Egypt
In Egypt, the old kleptocrat Hosni Mubarak was accustomed to chronic U.S. scoldings to democratize, even as he kept offering his own pushback warnings about the worse alternative of Islamic theocracy. If Egypt was not so stable, it was also not chaotic.
Unfortunately, the U.S. saw the Arab Spring as an excuse to dump a tired old ally and to welcome in his stead the U.S.-educated Mohamed Morsi and the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama’s team perhaps believed we were the belated avatars of the Arab Spring, as if the latter were analogous to our own revolution rather than something akin to the 1917 nightmare in Russia or the 1950s cutthroat Baathist takeover from the old corrupt Middle East monarchs.

The administration assured us that the Brothers were “largely secular,” even as they almost immediately went to work Islamicizing the largest nation in the Arab world and subverting the very elections that had brought them to power.

Here the administration’s achievement is quite surreal: Somehow we remain Egypt’s largest donor while being hated by all three of Egypt’s major groups — Islamists, the army, and the rest — who hate each other only slightly less than they do us. In practical terms, the administration earned the hatred of the vibrant General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in place of the good will of his decrepit mentor Mubarak — at the same cost of multi-billion-dollar-a-year subsidies.

V. Israel
Israel recently inflicted serious damage on Hezbollah in the 2006 war in Lebanon. For all the talk of Israeli ineptitude in that war, the final toll on Iranian interests was considerable. There seemed no desire on Hezbollah’s part to replay its aggression. Strong U.S. support for Israeli defensive measures discouraged Islamists from starting a new Intifada on the West Bank or in Gaza. Iranians worried that the U.S. might at any moment preempt their nuclear facility or welcome an Israeli strike on them.

Not now. The Obama administration immediately berated Israel for building houses around Jerusalem. Then came the Palestinian flotilla, and more American ambiguity. Then lectures during the Gaza war. The United States’ relationship with Israel is now at its weakest since the founding of the Jewish State. Administration aides leak slurs about war hero and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him a “coward” and “chickensh-t,” as if Obama’s open-mic smear of Netanyahu during the G-20 summit in Cannes was not enough.

The radical Arab world has a hunch that another war launched from Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, or Lebanon would not entirely anger a U.S. administration that is more worried about Jews building houses in Jerusalem than about Iranian subsidies to and military support of Hamas. When an American president characterizes an Islamic hit on a kosher market in Paris as a random attack, then it is clear — both to Americans and to the enemies of America — that Jews and Israel are mostly on their own.

Meet the new Middle East: a soon-to-be-nuclear and ascendant Iran, the spreading ISIS wasteland, Egypt and Libya as Somalia, and the end of Syria and Iraq. This was not foreordained, but instead the result of a series of bad U.S. mistakes.

— NRO contributor Victor Davis Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and the author, most recently, of The Savior Generals.



What are students learning in American high schools and colleges? Here's a short intro.

If you think this is appalling, think of this: Who is teaching this stuff and how many millions of young people are growing up in the belief America is bad? The left wing has the educational system in its grip and this is its view. Patriotism is a no go.

So when you see a young person waving an American flag and cheering, it's likely she is a Republican.





50 years ago on October 27th, 1964 Ronald Reagan gave one of the powerful political speeches in the history of modern American. Among other things, he reminded us of the fragility of freedom before an all powerful government seeking to become ever stronger.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

This conservative message is as relevant today as 50 years ago.





The Chatham Independence Day parade in Chatham on the 4th of July is one of the best attended in the state. It's hard to estimate, but our best guess is that the overwhelming majority are Massachusetts citizens, though second home owners are from all over.

The Chatham Republican Committee is once again entered into the parade and invites all Republican candidates, town committee members and just plain old Republicans from Chatham and wherever to join us in the march.

It is a festive event with many bands, floats, vehicles and marchers. The Chatham RTC entry will be honoring the men and women of the Armed Forces who protect us.

Let's show our pride in American and in our Republican dedication to freedom and equal opportunity for all. And have a good time as well!

We are delighted to announce that this year Lt. Governor candidate Karyn Polito will be marching with us, as she did in 2010 in her campaign for Treasurer.

We welcome all Republican candidates and office holders.

The parade starts off at 9:30 in the morning. Street traffic near the parade route gets cut off about 8:30, so we try to take our place in the line-up along Shore Road by 8:00.
It ends approximately at 11:15.

The route is along Main Street through the downtown shopping stretch from Shore Road to the intersection with Crowell Road, about 1.5 miles. The assembly area is on Shore Road back towards the Chatham Bars Inn from the intersection with Main Street. Depending upon where we wind up in the assembly line-up, up to a mile of walking could be added.

We will issue detailed information to all participants by email as the parade organizers release it. Remote parking sites with shuttle buses to and from the parade start and ending points are provided. We will provide detailed information as it becomes available.

Candidates and organized groups such as RTCs, please let us know by phone or email you will be joining us. Individuals receiving this email, just come and bring a friend or two. Patriotic dress is best. Wear comfortable shoes and beware a sunny day!

Do let us know if you have any questions. Call the numbers below or email us.

Fran Meaney, Chairman 617 512 7743
Diane Bronsdon and Elaine Gibbs, Vice Chairmen
Marie Acton, Secretary 508 945 2150
Sam Black, Treasurer
Chatham Republican Town Committee



General William H. McRaven gave a memorable commencement address at the University of Texas this spring that deserves to be read and reread: "Life Lessons From Navy SEAL Training."

SEALs Lessons for Life - commencement address U Texas McRaven.pdf



Just a year ago the Louisiana black state senator Elbert Guillory announced he was becoming a Republican and issued a statement explaining why. His message to his fellow blacks is a powerful one that hopefully will be heeded. It's also a reminder to all Republicans of our civil rights heritage, of which not only should we be proud, but insistent on proclaiming every day: We are the Party of Lincoln. We stand for freedom and equal opportunity for all.

In 1854 the Republican Party was formed to succeed the Whigs with one main purpose -- to end slavery. In 1860 President Lincoln was elected with the votes of abolitionists in Massachusetts and other northern states. Just three years later Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves in rebellious territory. In Congress Republicans drafted and passed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution freeing slaves, assuring them due process under the law and granting them voting rights.

Lyndon Johnson, no civil rights activist, cynically snatched the black vote away from Republicans with government handouts with the War on Poverty, crowing privately (to fellow Democrats) that his handouts would keep them n****** voting Democrat for 200 years.

Listen to what Senator Guillory has to say.

What's disturbing to all of us as Americans is that this dependency on government has not only kept too many blacks in poverty, it has created a situation in which, as one wise man observed, "fidelity to country is coming to be replaced by fidelity to democrats who give you stuff, just as that old bigot LBJ envisioned when he set out with his phony war on poverty in the 1960's. The entire modern democrat party "cares" about people only to the extent that said people will vote for them in perpetuity."



This speech by Ronald Reagan was delivered 12 years before he was elected president. It demonstrates the depth of his conviction that bigger and bigger government is not good for the nation and the drift in that direction must be stopped. He said it was "a time for choosing."

Today we have the same challenge and the same choice. Listen to the Ronald Reagan of 1964 and take heart that our instincts are sound and our goal is right. If the direction of history is to be turned, it will be done by the people, not by the bureaucrats and elites who comprise the government. The more government, the less freedom. The Obama Democrats have proven this beyond doubt. "We the people" must fight against the tyranny of government for freedom for ourselves and all future generations.



America is certainly experiencing great difficulties under the present Democratic administration in Washington, but, nonetheless, we remain Americans proud of our past and confident of our future.

Consequently, we are starting up a movie series at the Chatham Orpheum Theater downtown on Main Street on Saturday morning April 5th to remind us all of the great spirit of America that still endures in the hearts of Americans.

The first movie "Argo" celebrates the heroic rescue in 1980 of six American diplomats trapped in Tehran during the Iranian hostage crisis incredibly engineered and carried out by an obscure CIA technician specializing in disguises Tony Mendez. Ben Affleck plays Tony. The movie won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

We also will be recognizing and thanking Michelle DeSilva, who leads Cape Cod Cares 4 the Troops for the great work they do sending care packages to our service men and women overseas.

Every day American heroes be they in the military or civilian life are doing extraordinary things in defense of our nation and fellow Americans. We need to remind ourselves constantly of their service and their sacrifices and to acknowledge and express our appreciation to them and those who support them.

Doors open at 8:45. The suggested donation per person is $20 (pay at the door) for a light breakfast and the movie, to be shown at 9:30 after the recognition of Michelle DeSilva -- and to help with our 2014 election campaign for a better America.

Service men and women, VFW and American Legion members can attend free of charge, but please call to reserve in advance if possible to 508 945 2150.

To reserve and make donations for any number of seats from one to ten online, click here.

Or, if it's a last minute thing, just come and pay at the door!

When you're coming please bring along any of the items listed below that Cape Cod Cares 4 the Troops can send along to our men and women in uniform overseas. Click on list to enlarge.

1 1 Care 4 Troops items.png

See you bright and early Saturday, April 5th, 8:30 or so for a time to feel proud to be American.



Now here's a company that has the right idea. Food City, wherever you are, you did good.



On this Thanksgiving Day let us be thankful for those who would open the eyes of those who are blind to how the government is stealing from us the rights guaranteed to us by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Ask yourself these questions which Judge Napolitano poses and you will understand how important the 2014 elections will be. And, if we are not the ones called to fight for freedom, who?

The Grinch who stole Thanksgiving

By Andrew P. Napolitano Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What if another Thanksgiving Day is upon us and owing to the government, we have less to be thankful for than we did at the last one? What if at every Thanksgiving, liberty is weakened and the government is strengthened? What if Thanksgiving’s warm and breezy seduction of gratitude is just the government’s way of inducing us to think we should be grateful for it?

What if we don’t owe the government any thanks for anything? What if the government owes us back all the freedom and property it has stolen from us? What if the government has produced nothing and owns nothing, save what it has coerced us to give it? What if the courts have ruled that the government can lie and cheat with impunity in order to acquire our property or assault our freedoms?

What if the government lies and cheats regularly to enhance its own wealth and power? What if the government claims that its power comes from the consent of the governed? What if no one consented to the government’s spying and lying except those who personally and directly benefit from it?

What if the government is afraid to tell us all it is doing to us, for fear we might vote it out of office? What if that vote would change nothing? What if the spying and lying continued no matter who ran the government? What if those who spy and lie don’t lose their jobs no matter how they lie, upon whom they spy or who gets elected?

What if this holiday of turkey and football and family is the modern-day version of bread and circuses? What if bread and circuses — which Roman emperors gave to the mobs to keep them sated — are just the government’s way today of keeping us sated at the end of every November? What if the government expects us to give thanks to it for letting us have Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday off?

What if the president thinks he's a king? What if he claims the power to kill people outside the Constitution? What if some of these people were your sisters, neighbors or friends? What if he thinks he's so smart that he knows what choices we should make? What if he makes those choices for us?

What if we each have the natural right to choose how to care for our own bodies, but he has used the coercive powers of the law to tell us how to do so? What if that law compelled all persons to pay for more health insurance than they needed, wanted or could afford? What if the president deceived dupes in Congress into voting for that law? What if the president deceived millions of Americans into supporting that law? What if the president forced you to pay for a health insurance policy that funded killing babies in their mothers' wombs?

What if the president knows what you want and need because his spies have captured your every telephone call, text and email? What if the Declaration of Independence says that our rights are personal, inalienable and come from God? What if the Constitution says that among our inalienable rights are the right to be left alone and the right to be different?

What if the president took an oath to uphold the Declaration and the Constitution but believes in neither? What if he believes that our rights come from the collective consent of our neighbors, whom he can influence or, worse yet, from the government, which he can control? What if he believes that he can invade our right to be left alone by spying on us and lying to us, and destroy our right to be different by killing us? What if he actually did all these things?

What if only individuals foolish enough to do so give up their own rights but cannot give up the rights of those of us who refuse to surrender them? What if the government can only constitutionally take away personal freedoms when a jury has convicted someone of a crime? What if the government thinks it can take away our rights by ordinary legislation or by presidential fiat? What if it has done so?

What if someone who once worked for the government knew all this and risked life and limb to tell us about it? What if the government at first denied that it lies to and spies upon all Americans? What if it demonized the whistleblower? What if it chased him to the ends of the Earth because he revealed awful truths? What if everything Edward Snowden revealed about the government turned out to be true?

What if it is the personal courage and constitutional fidelity of Mr. Snowden for which we should be thankful? What if the government hates and fears our freedoms just as it hates and fears the revelation of the awful truths Mr. Snowden possesses?

What if our thanks are a result primarily of the Author of our freedoms, who made us in His image and likeness, and to those who have exercised those freedoms to seek and reveal the truth? What if it is the truth, and not the government, that will keep us free?

What if we have the right to pursue happiness, no matter what the government says? What if we have the right to be unique, no matter what the government wants? What if the freedom to seek the truth will bring us happiness?

What if that freedom, which is still ours, is a just cause for a happy Thanksgiving, after all?

Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel. Judge Napolitano has written seven books on the U.S. Constitution.



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Adams flyer 1-28-13.jpg



The Chatham fundraiser on Friday, July 20th for Senator Scott Brown was a smash success.

Chatham raised over $100,000 for Senator Brown’s campaign and brought together more than 275 folks to come and cheer the senator on despite the threatening rain.

In fact, the first post-party report is in: Chatham has raised $111,500 and more is still coming in!!!! As of right now, in Massachusetts, Chatham has raised more money for Scott than all other cities and towns except Boston and Wellesley!

It was all made possible by Elaine Gibbs offering her home for the event. Elaine and her team of volunteers performed magnificently to produce an exciting and rewarding evening for the senator and everyone who attended. The house and property, including the huge tent, were beautifully (and patriotically) decorated, flower arrangements were everywhere, signs and guides pointed the ways to go and the food and beverages were plentiful and professionally presented and served.

The senator came a bit earlier than scheduled because he found he had to leave a bit earlier than expected, but he used every minute to talk with us individually and together. He expressed his gratitude for all of the hard work that Elaine and her team had done to get ready for the event. No question, he was impressed. As Scott was leaving, he thanked me as chairman of the Republican town committee for what Chatham had done for him and repeated those thanks in a personal email to me as chairman of the town committee the next day. And again this morning (Wednesday, July 25th) by phone.

There can be little doubt that the Chatham Republican Town Committee, the organizer of the event, delivered a result far in excess of anything the Brown campaign expected. That a town committee for a town of 6,125 permanent residents was able to put together a fundraiser that raised more for Scott Brown than had any other city or town in the state except for Boston and Wellesley is an amazing accomplishment in which we can all take pride. The volunteers who helped with the fundraising as well as those who assisted Elaine in hosting the event itself did Chatham and the town committee proud. But without the support of everyone who contributed and everyone who came it would not have been the magical moment it was.

We also thank our friends in our neighboring communities who contributed and came. We had a good sprinkling of folks from across the Cape as other organizations spread the word of our Scott Brown event.

We were pleased that Mary Z Connaughton, who led the statewide Republican ticket in 2010 as the candidate for State Auditor, came down from Framingham to introduce Scott to the 300 assembled Under the Tent. She will be heard from again.

We had the opportunity to introduce the two candidates who will be facing off in the state primary on Thursday, September 6th seeking the Republican nomination to run for the House of Representatives seat for the newly created 9th Congressional District (all of Cape Cod running west to Fall River): Adam Chaprales of Sandwich and Chris Sheldon of Plymouth.

Adam and Chris will return to Chatham for an hour-long debate open to the public on Thursday, August 16th, 4 p.m., in the Chatham Community Center. Selectman David Dunford of Orleans will moderate. Be sure to come. With the strong leadership of Scott Brown, taking the House seat for Cape Cod seems even more doable.

Jeff Perry and his wife Lisa of Sandwich were there to show their strong support and friendship for Scott Brown, who had strongly backed Jeff in his 2010 congressional race.

Eric Steinhilber, the Republican candidate for Barnstable County Commission, is running against the Democratic incumbent Sheila Lyons and the incumbent commisioners' plans for a massive sewer authority for Cape Cod costing billions.

Scott at Chatham fundraiser 7.20.12.jpg

Click the photol to get a really big picture.

The happy and enthusiastic large crowd listens attentively as Scott made a point Under the Tent.

But victory will not come easy. A new poll today shows Scott trailing his opponent 40%-38%, in effect, a statistical tie. Obama leads Romney in Massachusetts favorability 60%-39%.

Scott had an uphill battle to win in 2010 and he can do it again. He is a man who can break gridlocks. His opponent is a person who creates them with her ideological, anti-business stance that even Obama is trying to distance himself from.

Scott makes this point in a powerful new ad previewed this morning on Fox & Friends. It has been seen already by 175,000 people. Watch it. It’s dynamite. Click here. What we owe the risk takers, the entrepreneurs, the small businessmen and women! They are what makes America great.

We need to continue to do all we can for Scott financially and in helping to get out the votes on Election Day.

For those who haven’t donated to Scott yet or who would like to give him a bit more to make our fundraiser even more meaningful, you can do so in less than a minute by clicking on the link below:


We will begin our campaign to turn out voters for Scott on Election Day in the next few weeks. We will be calling shortly for volunteers to contact neighbors and friends to urge them to vote for Scott. Every vote we get for Scott in Chatham and elsewhere across the Cape offsets a vote in a big city Democratic neighborhood dragged out by public union workers, so every single vote is important.

We have the candidate who puts America first. He has not advanced his career by false claims. He has done succeeded the American way - he earned it.



Attend the Memorial Day observance in Chatham Monday, May 26, 2012.

The parade begins at the World War Memorial in front of the Chatham Community Center at 10 a.m. and proceeds to the several war monuments in the downtown area ending at the Veterans Rotary at approximately 11:30.



Now that Mitt Romney has won the primary battles and will be designated the Republican nominee for President in Tampa at the Republican National Convention in Tampa the end of August, the speculation about the Vice President pick begins.

An early favorite is Marco Rubio, the new (first elected in 2010) U.S. Senator from Florida. There are several reasons for this. The one most frequently cited is that he is Hispanic. His family left Cuba to settle in Florida, where Marco was born. The Hispanic voter is increasingly important in elections, Ethnic groups take pride in the advancement of one of their own -- the Irish for JFK being an obvious example as well as blacks for Obama.

But Marco Rubio is for his years already a man of accomplishment (He will be 41 next week on May 28th). He rose quickly through politics after securing his bachelor's degree from the University of Florida and graduating from the University of Miami Law School. Elected a state representative for the first time in 2000, he was voted in as the Republican Speaker of the House just six years later by his peers, in 2006, a remarkably quick run to the top.

Rubio decided to run for the U.S. Senate when the incumbent senator resigned. He began the campaign as a double-digit underdog to the popular Republican governor Charlie Christ in the contest for the Republican nomination. He rapidly gained ground and when it was obvious he would win the nomination, Crist declared as an independent, but Rubio went on to win a three-way race final by a wide margin. Rubio's wife is of Columbian descent, they have four children, are Catholic and live in West Miami.

What is especially exciting about Rubio is his capacity to inspire. He is an extraordinarily able speaker. His speeches during the senatorial campaign as well as various TV ads in which he just spoke of his beliefs and hopes for America were hugely instrumental in his victory.

Just a few days ago Marco Rubio was the invited keynote speaker at the Republican Convention in South Carolina. South Carolina has an extraordinary group of capable Republicans representing the state in Congress, led by the leading conservative in the Senate Jim DeMint. DeMint met with Rubio and endorsed him when he was 20 points behind Governor Crist in the polls.

A delegate to the convention alerted one of our friends from Harwich to Rubio's speech. Here is his email message:

On Mon, 21 May 2012 11:12:22 -0400 Thomas B Hatfield writes:

Dear Colleagues:

I was honored to be present as a Delegate at the SC GOP
Convention this last Saturday and to attend the Silver Elephant
Banquet that evening where Florida U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio
was the keynote speaker. His was one of the most inspiring political
speeches I have heard and I believe one that every American, not
just Republicans, should see and hear. Fortunately, C-Span
covered almost all of the event. ...If you wish to skip the introductions,
his speech starts about minute 16. Hope you enjoy it. And if you do,
by all means pass it along. (Including your Independent and
Democrat friends and family).

If there is a better candidate for VP, it is difficult to image who.



Though Mario's speech begins about minute16, some may well find it enjoyable to watch the opening remarks of Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint. We did.

Marco Rubio is just one possibility for Mitt to consider, but he is a strong contender. For months Marco said he was not interested, but of late he has softened that position. As he makes clear in his talk, this is a vital election for the future of America. Every American who loves his country must heed the call to help rescue it from the disastrous course the current president has put the nation on.

That includes us.

Mitt Romney has many excellent choices as he contemplates his selection. In a show of hands at the meeting last night of the Chatham Republican Town Committee, Marco Rubio was the near unanimous choice.

Watch the video and feel good about America.



At its January 9, 2012 meeting the committee voted to extend its congratulations to the new state chairman and to indicate it is looking forward to working with him during the critical 2012 election campaigns.

The committee also extended an invitation to the chairman to come to Chatham to celebrate with the town its Lincoln Day observance on Sunday, February 12th. The event will be held at the Chatham VFW from 3 to 5. Details will be announced shortly.

Chairman Walter Bilowz said, "This is an important year for Chatham since it is celebrating its 300th birthday as a town. It's also an important year for the nation since new leadership is desperately needed in Washington. It is therefore fitting that the committee honor our first Republican president, who was serving when Chatham celebrated its 150th birthday. Abraham Lincoln had the courage, comitment, strength and determination to save this nation at a time of its greatest peril. Once again, it falls to a Republican to rescue the country from forces seeking to destroy it. We can do no better than to turn to Lincoln as an example of towering leadership."



We had a great time at the parade.

We had a terrific walking group of Chathamites and folks from Barnstable, Brewster, Harwich and Orleans.

Our group was led by a fire-red pick-up truck with our "Chatham Republicans" banner draped across the front. On each side a "Support Our Troops" banner was hung. And a quilted "God Bless America" was on the tailgate. We had our own bellringer in the truck back, letting "Freedom Ring" as we moved along.

Our marchers ranged in age from four (he rode part of the way in the truck) to over 80 with each decade well represented.

Behind our flag-carrying walkers was our yellow Jeep festooned with patriotic bunting and our "Don't Tread On Me" flag prominently displayed.

As we marched through the 40,000 or so crowding the streets, we received a tremendous outpouring of applause, cheers and shouts as our young marchers handed out over 750,000 miniature flags to children and olsters along the way. It was clear that our down-to-earth, regular folks approach to the parade struck a responsive chord.

At the end of our two and one-half miles of walking, we had sore feet but lots of big smiles.

Our thanks to all whose participation made our part of America's birthday celebration a great success.



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